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Noxious is a third-person shooter which takes place in a research facility. You, a scientist, got trapped inside when the facility went into lock down due to the test subjects escaping containment. You must reroute power from around the facility to a large laser cannon to blow your way out.

Review RSS Feed brettchalupa says
7 brettchalupa

Really impressive project. The concept, controls, and assets are really well done. I noticed some missing animations (like strafing) and some places where the game could have used some more polish. Other than that, really worth checking out and playing.

darkomen8472 says
10 darkomen8472

Love the game. Have seen games with an actual budget be much worse to play. The polish of the game is great! Didn't have any play issues or tech problems. Only thing I find amusing is when you sprint, the tail of the armor comes up and makes you look like you have a spiked tail.

ViperAcidZX says
7 ViperAcidZX

A decent yet impressive Dead Space tribute from Full-Sail university students, especially for their first time into video game development. Controls do feel unresponsive half the time and the game does have its annoying moments, but it's not too bad for a freeware game.

courtjester235 says
9 courtjester235

Wow! For a free game this is quite impressive. It is well polished.

GrandBureaucrat says
8 GrandBureaucrat

Nice school project.

My compliments:
Your controls were very good, I loved how you did the missile lock-on especially.

It was fast passed enough that I played it through in one sitting and wasn't bored.

I liked the environment and pacing of the game, felt very rewarding in a Nes Metroid kind of way.

My complaints:
Horrible voice acting.

Before you get the suite you have no strafe animation, he just floats left/right.

I clipped through a door at one point during the final battle when I was down to the last big monster, luckily the monster clipped through too so I was able to kill him and unlock the door.

Well for such a short game, the only thing I'd do is add the strafe animation, get someone from the drama department to re-record your voiceovers and have an indicator (an arrow anything) above the final terminal you're suppose to access to turn on the big laser. Since I never had to interact with that style of council before, I ran past it after beating the final battle the first time.

Overall good job. 8/10

jimmyneutron says
10 jimmyneutron

i like evrey game that is a third person shoting game...because i cant play s4 league

Kayscomic says
9 Kayscomic

Instant satisfaction! As soon as I stepped into the world of Noxious I was instantly satisfied with its performance. Dedicated artwork, solid animations and the perfect soundtrack bundled into a well polished game! I really hope the dedicated students who developed this game will focus their time on making a new version of Noxious with longer gameplay and possibly some co-op action…

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blomanizer says
8 blomanizer

Best way to play Dead Space if you have prehistorcal computer ;)

Epicguitar says
10 Epicguitar

to epic

kudden says
10 kudden

This is incredible The best 30 minutes of game play i have played in a long while. I really like the skill involved.
1.I think you should be able to strafe faster, to dodge projectiles more easily. Not to make it the game easier but to make you feel like you have more control.
2. while holding shift you should not be able to stand still like most games nowadays, it feels more intuitive.
3. I LOVE how the flying insects move, and how hard they are to hit. The missile launcher is really awesome to kill them. You really feel awarded when you kill a bunch in one shot.
4. When i first met the rhino i did not realize i had to kill it from behind. This should be more clear.
5. The timer made me really stressed and the music was awesome i was digging it while running through the empty corridors.
6. The dialogue and how the text was displayed was not very good.
7. In the beginning it felt like the enemiest would continue to spawn infinite. not a good feeling but after i acouple of rooms i realised how the gameplay worked. but the time spent in every room could be shorter. But with more rooms of course.
That is all i can think of right now. Thank you so much for this awesome experience.

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