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It is the dawn of the 22nd century, and the conquest of space has been monopolized by a handful of hugely ambitious mega-corporations. A delicate and vulnerable balance is maintained, but now, at the very edge of the solar system, a discovery has been made which will tip the scales forever and send one ship and crew on an epic interstellar odyssey.

Review RSS Feed Add review StrikeNoir says
10 StrikeNoir

Realistic ship actions, awesome camera (especially when you look from the boosters or from a ship under fire, camera shakes like... lol)

Overall it's better than HW2 IMO, intense tactic sense, ships fire are fierce. It brings us to a new level of space battle, but if they can add wide screen support, it would have been much, much better!!!

HeavyMetal4life says
10 HeavyMetal4life

Stunning Game, Love how it has a story line, reminds me a little of Sins of a Solar empire but with a story to it, Really pleased that such an older game Still looks as sharp as it does too!

masternerdguy says
10 masternerdguy

Very impressive.

There aren't many games where half the combat involves using precision lasers to target specific systems on the enemy ships, nor are there many games with weapons in such a strict anti shield/anti hull role.

Ships carry through the campaign. You'll spend tons of time upgrading your ships to take on ever more dangerous missions, and if you lose one you won't get that ship back in the next mission. This means that doing something stupid to win one mission can have a negative impact on the next one.

The graphics are stunning, taking advantage of everything DX9 has to offer. The early campaign human ships are extremely believable, you get the idea we could build one right now (no shields, travel times in months, no exotic weapons). They even had DECELERATION THRUSTERS.

Oh, and the ending is pretty bizarre too.

CharlieOneThree says
10 CharlieOneThree

even tho muliplayer was a bit wired the main game was oh so good, most realistic space ship commader game ever made.

Brahemino85 says
10 Brahemino85

One of the best game i've ever played

Soviet_Union says
9 Soviet_Union


bluewario says
10 bluewario

Beautiful f-ing game.

kaloonzu says
10 kaloonzu

Fantasic Game!
I grew up playing space sims (mainly FreeSpace 2), and I always hoped to be able to play from both a strategic standpoint, and from the viewpoint of a larger ship. Nexus accomplishes that flawlessly. Starting with simple point to point controls, which can be unlocked for free move, with wings and warships at your command. A great game for anyone who likes space sims or tactical simulators.

xPearse says
10 xPearse

One of the best space simulation games ever made, too bad there was not a sequel and the planned one got canned.

AmDDRed says
8 AmDDRed

Excellent game.
Only two things against: you're not able to move freely, only from some object to some object, so it makes impossible to make tactical moving, and quite simple scenario.

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