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Rogue Bracket
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Monokrome is a first person physics puzzle adventure, where through the manipulation of coloured energy and the sponge-like metal called 'Monokrome', you can create interesting and crazy effects. See description for system requirements. Chase a murderous drone along a path of slain scientists! Don't let its traps slow you down.

Freedom Friday - Nov 22


Freedom Friday - Nov 22

Segatakai, Null Divide+, Monokrome and Olav & the Lute are your fearsome foursome this Freedom Friday!

Nov 21, 2013 News
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TheGamerErinomc Jan 31 2015, 7:48am said:

i remember playing this on game jolt it is an awesome game!

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Twsura Dec 26 2014, 3:19am said:

I love Monokrome! Entertaining and very clever puzzles. Nice story and setting as well. Sadly, the game seems rather short and ends abruptly after you get the keycard and go up the lift? "Did you really think you could trust me? Muhahaha..." (unless I missed something)

Please make more of the game!

There seem to be some loopholes or glitches - e.g. if you keep running at a pink barrier carrying a container, you can slip it through. Also, when a container or monokrome is in a space between a pink and blue barrier, you should be able to suck its energy but you can't... And there was one time I fell through the floor into black space... (not under one of the 4 lifts, but at the nearby door).

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qazplm632 Mar 6 2014, 1:09pm said:

OMG I'm so done with this music. If I'll keep playing that game I'll start hearing it in my nightmares. The bad thing about the game is that there aren't any clues. So you end up thinking what you are actually supposed to do (not to mention how to do it) and liesting to that annoying music. The graphic is acceptable but the blood everywhere isn't necessary.

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Soldancer Jan 25 2014, 1:51am said:

If I had a dollar for every time I've posted this, I'd be rich. PLEASE include a y-axis inversion option for those of us who need it. It's practically impossible to play without inverted mouse in an FPS for those who are used to it. Thanks!

+2 votes     reply to
Yo_Momma Mar 17 2014, 4:02am replied:

I can't stand inverted y-axis, but I can't help but 100% agree with this - all games should at least give the option for those who need it

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TheFakeSlimShady Jan 23 2014, 6:07pm said:

Should have a save game option, and someone needs to fix those falling out of the map bugs. Other than that, awesome for a Unity game!

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Siyanor Dec 11 2013, 7:45pm said:

I absolutely refuse to play any game in which the control for moving the camera is mouse movement. As soon as I realized it I immediately went to the options menu to change it, but there is NO option to change it. Uninstalled.

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Genseric Dec 3 2013, 6:24pm said:

A short review: Youtu.be

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xTenshi Nov 24 2013, 2:58pm said:

this game is not bad, it's a great idea for a puzzle platformer, but the mechanics are just too sloppy. when u pick something up and move it around, it has some sort of slippery delay to it. This makes it extremely hard for people to solve puzzles fluently without having to worry about their cube being slipped out of their grip. Also, there have been a lot of times where I end up getting stuck in a puzzle because i didnt bring cubes or certains kinds of energy from previous stages, thus making me restart the entire game! for example, i need purple energy or a cube, but I left it back thinking i wouldnt need it since i already completed the puzzle that needed them. but i end DO needing them but cant get them back because of the barriers. It was fustrating beyond belief and just made me give up on the entire thing. it's a wonderful concept for a game though and it has lots of potential. these are just some things that bug me a lot.

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sturmkoenig2k Nov 24 2013, 1:49am said:

Argh! Why?!!! ....is there no option to invert the mouse y-axis? It's unplayable for me. :( Can you add that option, please?

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