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A beat 'em up/platforming/fighting game hybrid with an electro style. You can smack guys, attach their parts and get their abilities!

RSS Feed Megabyte Punch - Subprogram Update

A new level added! And with it, new enemies, parts, blocks and abilities. Hit the jump to see STUFF.

Posted by DionReptile on May 25th, 2012

Oh boy, we're at it again.

Updating that is.

In this update, we mainly added a new level: the Subprogram Deadlands. The new enemies are made of 14 new parts to collect with 3 new abilities. This level includes more hazards, like the virus clouds and pits. It can even be pretty unforgivable at times. Our music-man ran out of time to produce a new track for the level, so we'll update that in later. It now plays one of the older tracks, but with the new 'mute music' option you can just turn it off if you like.

The changes:
+ Added the new level 'Subprogram Deadlands' with 3 stages and a boss fight
+ A new little proto-village
+ Added new enemies (the Subprograms) with a total of 14 new parts
+ Virus clouds
+ Virus cloud mine placing ability
+ Red (killing) virus clouds
+ Added blocks that break when you stand on them
+ Glide ability
+ Enemies now drop 4 bits when destroyed
+ Added mute sound and mute music buttons in the options and pause menu
+ Added sound for placing a block
~ Made the blaster do less knockback
~ Minor changes to level 1 and 3
~ Changed the teleport to not go through walls (sorry!)

Pre-order to play this and the rest! You'll also support us fine gentlemen in making more games like this!

takeer May 28 2012, 6:35pm said:

Awesome :D

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