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Real Time Strategy

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​McDROID is a surreal Action Tower Defense with
- mega frikkin' lasers that talk
- upgradable robots
- Gattling turret
- crop and monsters that mutate
- an economy based on giant strawberries.
- levels hand crafted like they used be.
- Cute cartoony Borderland graphics, but it's hella tough so you may have to co-op with your friends to take down that insane Mutatosaurus.​
Imagine the hectic big boss fights of RTYPE combined with the smarts and resource management of Dune 2. That's ​McDROID, our first game, made in homage of these awesome classics.
It's original, with gorgeous cell shaded graphics, boasts 100 enemies on screen at once, the most badass weapons (linking teslas, wave canons, bot factories...) and unusually challenging enemies.
It's a tough game, not for the faint of heart and it's got co-op multiplayer.

McDROID live on Steam September 5th at 10am + Beta Backer steam keys.


McDROID live on Steam September 5th at 10am + Beta Backer steam keys.

The beta backer keys are up! The game is live at 10am on Friday. And a surprises.

Sep 3, 2014 News
McDROID is Green Lit


McDROID is Green Lit

WOOHOO! YEAH! After a few month trying to figure out how to get out in the open and have everyone discover McDROID, we just got greenlit. I guess it worked.

Oct 2, 2013 News
Beta 14 is live


Beta 14 is live

With over 9000 new functions (more or less 8990) this is our strongest release yet!

Sep 9, 2013 News
McDROID at PAX PRIME with guest Sabrina Morris (Star Trek)


McDROID at PAX PRIME with guest Sabrina Morris (Star Trek)

We are doing iiiit one more time, a booth, very different approach this time with contests and a really fun group.

Aug 23, 2013 News
McDROID needs your Help!


McDROID needs your Help!

Press coverage on McDROID has been abysmal so I need your help make some noise. If you want to see this super fun, hardcore action-strategy on the market in a shape that's awesome, come join me to make...

Jul 1, 2013 News
Comments  (30 - 40 of 225)
AlveKatt Apr 15 2013, 9:37pm said:

A feature wishlist:

1. Research that lowers the cost of upgrades. I am thinking most upgrades could have a cost reduction upgrade tied to them. Like, if something costs 70 strawberries, you could research "efficient production" for 200 diamonds, and after that the things costs 45 Strawberries. Thus, if you are hardcore you can play without cost upgrades. If you are like me, that wants some resistance, but not frustratingly much, I could grind the lower levels and reduce the cost of the stronger upgrades.

2. Bigger percentage of turrets that aren't tied to those hole things in the ground.

3. Level/Campaign editor!

+3 votes     reply to
AlveKatt Apr 15 2013, 4:14pm said:

Love the game, even bought it.

Beta feedback: Sound from the level isn't ending when you get destroyed or finish. This, is kind of horrible. Hurts my ears. Also, when the asteroids come in, my ears feel like they are going to pop.

+1 vote     reply to
AlveKatt Apr 16 2013, 7:58am replied:

To explain about my sound comment, there is a voice talking sometimes, but I can't hear it unless I crank the volume up. So, my initial comment was a bit confused, I don't handle sounds well. Very sensitive and I get rattled and can't make constructive comments.

What you need to do is raise the level on the computer voice, so that you don't have to have an earsplitting volume on to hear it.

I am using the Linux 64 bit version on a Linux mint Maya (64 bit), using ALSA and possibly OSS sound. (Had to purge Pulseaudio because it had 32 bit compatibility issues that Object up voice chat in Second Life, which is a platform I spend a lot of time in.)

+1 vote     reply to
Elefantopia Apr 29 2013, 1:18am replied:

Sound is a bit better now. 3D sound is a bizatch to tune.

+2 votes     reply to
chickenchamp Apr 10 2013, 7:08am said:

can sum1 help me on lvl3

+1 vote     reply to
Elefantopia Apr 11 2013, 12:52am replied:

What's happening ?

+2 votes     reply to
DarixGoof Apr 2 2013, 10:12pm said:

I seem to be having problems updating :/ something about an MCF Buffer or something like that...

+1 vote     reply to
pysiu Apr 3 2013, 1:09pm replied:


Post you problem there ... or something like that ;)

+1 vote     reply to
_weg_ Mar 31 2013, 7:20am said:

Try to run demo under x86_64 system:

optirun /home/roger/bin/desura/common/mcdroid/McDROID
/home/roger/bin/desura/common/mcdroid/McDROID: error while loading shared libraries: libXcursor.so.1

rpm -qa | grep lib64xcursor1

Still does not not support x86_64 platform?

+2 votes     reply to
Flimgoblin Apr 1 2013, 8:23am replied:

You'll need to get the 64 bit standalone demo - click "standalone downloads" when you click on the Demo on the right

+3 votes     reply to
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