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​McDROID is a surreal Action Tower Defense with
- mega frikkin' lasers that talk
- upgradable robots
- Gattling turret
- crop and monsters that mutate
- an economy based on giant strawberries.
- levels hand crafted like they used be.
- Cute cartoony Borderland graphics, but it's hella tough so you may have to co-op with your friends to take down that insane Mutatosaurus.​
Imagine the hectic big boss fights of RTYPE combined with the smarts and resource management of Dune 2. That's ​McDROID, our first game, made in homage of these awesome classics.
It's original, with gorgeous cell shaded graphics, boasts 100 enemies on screen at once, the most badass weapons (linking teslas, wave canons, bot factories...) and unusually challenging enemies.
It's a tough game, not for the faint of heart and it's got co-op multiplayer.

Multiplayer/coop ideas
by member
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pysiu Jan 21 2013, 5:55am Anchor

After some time spent in coop i have a few ideas/concerns (although i like it anyways ;) ):

1. I have noticed some people kicking other players recently:
The kick/threat is usually caused by the fact that everyone wants to upgrade their turrets first :) . Sometimes it is easy to speak with another player and somehow agree who upgrades what/when, but often quarrels/disconnections may occur (for example you agreed to wait untill there is 1000+ strawberries to use but then someone else uses it)
- There might be many potential ways to remedy this:
* implementing some kind of voting system joined with building system
* upgrades allowed in turns for each player 
* strawberries pool divided between players
* etc :)

2. As an idea, i think it might be cool to be able to select the gear you go into the coop mission with.
- You might have a pool of strawberries based on your earlier single player mission results from which you could select 1/2/3 items before mission starts.
- It would allow some interesting coop setups- some players as support, others as fighters

3. Another crazy idea which might boost number of coop games:
- Adding bots. Allow players to host a game, even if he/she is alone, with up to 3 McDroid bots. Then, if a new player joins he jumps in place of one of the bots. They (bots :)) could even be stupid (so not much work for AI  would be required i guess), just repair turrets/gather strawberries.
- This could potentialy increase the amount of coop games (right nowthe coop games list is usually empty unless you create a game yourself)

4. Implementing SOS button.
- If a player presses it everyone else (who didn`t switch this option off) would get an emergency coop mission invite to accept/refuse.

Thats it for now :) The game is enjoyable as it is already, above are just some ideas.

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Elefantopia Jan 23 2013, 3:12am Anchor

Very cool - we discussed about it for a while and here is the summary:

1. economy : tricky to solve this one, we'll just nuke the lock/kick button until we find a better model.

2. lobby gearing up : I like that. We have something similar planned for after release.

3. coop bots : Would be nice but that would require to change the way we generate waves and that's too big a change.

4. discoverability : this is the holly grail, Steam has the overlay and it's nice. We'll probably have something cool but after release. In the meantime you can join us on the newly opened IRC channel irc.quakenet.org #mcdroid

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