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Master of Tactics is a 4X Space Turn Based Strategy Game. It has a tactical combat system making the game heavy on strategy with a deep technology tree. It is also light on micro management! Master of Tactics is set in the future, just after the discovery of interstellar space travel and involves a race to explore the galaxy, colonise new worlds, and control the galaxy's strategic resources. Features: Custom Craft Design, Tactical Battle System, Strategic Resources, Diplomacy (espionage, sabotage, trading) and Random Galaxy Generation.

Master of Tactics Multi Player Released


Master of Tactics Multi Player Released

Master of Tactics v1.11 has been released containing multi player, improved GUI and many bug fixes.

Apr 2, 2015 News
Master of Tactics 1.05 Released


Master of Tactics 1.05 Released

Same great game with a whole new danger...... The Space Kaan. Once awoken, they roam the galaxy in search of craft to destroy.

Oct 26, 2013 News
Making Turn Based Strategy more Strategic


Making Turn Based Strategy more Strategic

Is the most important thing in a turn based strategy games the starting position?

Oct 7, 2013 News
Master of Tactics 1.02 Released


Master of Tactics 1.02 Released

New Features: Flanking in Tactical Battle System New technology 'Tactical Command Center'. Missiles have a longer range. Only Craft retreating in the last turn in a battle are routed. Setup Options modified...

Sep 22, 2013 News
Master of Tactics Released


Master of Tactics Released

Master of Tactics 1.0 has now been released to the public.

Sep 16, 2013 News
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masteroftactics Apr 1 2015, 12:45am said:

Master of Tactics 1.11 has been released with:
* LAN Multiplayer
* Progress bars on galaxy map
* Less micro management
* Improved layout of solar system window

MoT technologies were designed as building blocks for creative strategy using original ideas. Playing against a computer is great for developing your skill, but to flower, try using your ideas on a friend!

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Kasdar Feb 3 2014, 6:19am said:

Hello, I have a few questions.

1. How in depth is the race design?
a. does each race have a habitability range? ie. can cetrain races inhabit only planets that fall within a range? or all planets inhabitable by every race equally. differing temperatures, atmospheres etc.
b. how many options are available to customise your race.

2. Are tech trees specific to a race, or can all techs be researched equally by all races.

3. How in depth is the ship design?
a. can I put more engines to speed up my ships
b. sacrifice space for extra armor?
c. do things like ship weight affect how my ships perform?
d. does the side of a ship a component is on, have an effect in battle? ie. directional shields, weapon arcs, maneuverability?

4. What level of modability does this game have?
a. can I add techs?
b. planet types?
c. new ship systems?

5. if you had to compare your game to another in this genre, which game is this most like?
a. Master of Orion 2
b. Stars!
c. Galactic Civilizations 2
d. Space Empires V

sorry for so many questions.

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masteroftactics Feb 4 2014, 3:05am replied:

There are 24 setup option groups most of which have a few options. These options define population density, productivity, fertility, immunities etc. Each race is a predefined selection.
Planet colonisability is determined by technology. Because each player misses a selection of technologies, this can effect a player’s colonization of plants.

Tech tree is the same for all races.

Each ship may have only one engine.
You can add armour to a craft and yes it costs space.
Weight/Size of a hull does effect is speed and performance.
Weapons have a firing angle defined by the bay into which they are placed.
Currently each hull only contains one weapons bay.
Damage inflicted by weapons is dependent on direction so shields lose less charge when attacked from the front.

Tech editor is in development now.
The paid version has a 'new custom game' button allowing the player to define planets (in a custom made galaxy).
Designing ships is a central part of game play – an expert player will usually have a battle strategy involving more than one custom craft design each with a set strategic role. The game encourages players to discover new ways to design and organize crafts.

I would say Master of Orion 2

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masteroftactics Jan 27 2014, 3:12pm said:

Version 1.08 is out and contains more graphical icons and the removal of idiosyncrasies on the battle field

+1 vote     reply to
masteroftactics Jan 4 2014, 7:49pm said:

Version 1.07 has been released containing the following changes:
- Tactical Battle Navigation Interface Improved (instruct crafts easier)
- Improved Movement on the Battle Field (craft movement AI improved)
- New Weapon Types Teleport and Sleep
- New Tutorial for Craft Design
- Improved Graphics for Weapon Space Distortion
- More Express Keys (? shows keys available on all screens)
- Space Kaan disabled on easy level

Plus several bug fixes (visit web site for details).

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flagyl Dec 10 2013, 10:30am said:

I just purchased the game. I look forward to playing it.

WIll you be implementing mouseover/tooltips in the future?

Thanks in advance.

+1 vote     reply to
masteroftactics Dec 19 2013, 2:28am replied:

Tooltips on the battle window were not showing because of a bug. Version 1.07 will be released soon containing a fix.

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masteroftactics Nov 6 2013, 12:23am said:

Version 1.06 has been released:

Contains new features:
- Black Holes
- Fleet Waypoints

Other changes:
- Player staring positions tend to be more dispersed around the galaxy
- Space Stations are automatically upgraded with modules.
- Planetary project 'Build Module' has been removed
- Mining colonies accumulate influence like normal colonies
- Empire Window displays bonuses from resources as well as setup bonuses

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NeoRon Sep 23 2013, 2:25pm said:

Hey, cool project!

I hope the game wil be more larger and stays still long time in development.

Sry for my Engish xD


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masteroftactics Oct 20 2013, 6:58pm replied:

Version 1.05 will be available in the next couple of days - and contains two new features:

- Nebula
- Space Kaan

Battles fought inside a nebula have shields and cloaking disabled. Space Kaan are a dragon like creatures that live in nebula, once awoken, they travel the galaxy destroying all crafts until they are killed.

My aim is to make Master of Tactics the most diverse and tactical game yet through iterative improvement and expansion.

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Version 1.08 is out containing more graphical icons and the removal of idiosyncrasies on the battlefield Jan 28 2014, 3:53pm
Master of Tactics 1.07 has been released containing several great new features plus some bug fixes Dec 22 2013, 10:40pm
Version 1.06 has been released containing new features Black Holes and Fleet Waypoints plus other changes. Nov 6 2013, 12:51am
New to Master of Tactics 1.05 - Space Kaan T.co Oct 26 2013, 4:53am
Should the starting position of players in a new game be random or dispersed around the galaxy? (post opinions in the forum). Oct 23 2013, 3:00am
Master of Tactics Version 1.05 has now been released to the public on Desura. Oct 21 2013, 5:45am
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