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MarBall Odyssey is an extremely well polished and addictive game which follows the theme of the classic game marble madness, with a few twists. The principle of MarBall Odyssey is simple: guide the ball to the exit without falling out of bounds, avoiding obstacles or by triggering various mechanisms. Along the route, you can pick up various bonuses to improve your score. rules: collecting all rings will create additional extra coins. collecting all extra coins will give an extra life on exit. collecting all big coins will activate a special blue portal and one extra life on start. Activating a purple checkpoint is giving more time. Fences can be broken using the big ball or the small ball with high velocity. bridges can be broken using the big ball. Yellow buttons can be used only with the big ball. You can climb onto walls using doors and bumpers. Finishing a level is unlocking the next one.

Android version is included for download upon purchase!

Marball Odyssey released on Desura!


Marball Odyssey released on Desura!

Guide the ball to the exit without falling out of bounds, avoiding obstacles or by triggering various mechanisms!

Aug 12, 2011 News
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stinkytaco Nov 10 2012, 3:09am said:

ha ha! neat! Someone published their marble rolling game!

i made one to test out the Blender game engine years ago. Only mine was more geometry based, so it had a faithful "Marble madness" look to it.

Nice to see someone finally publish one of thease. Looks like you did some nice texture work too.

Makes me want to update my game now.

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ozzyyzzo Apr 28 2012, 4:58am said:

Android Version has just been updated! (firmware 2.3+)

- Fixing graphical issues on some devices
- Bunch of optimisations.
- x86 devices are also now supported.
- Completely FREE for Android as it is now Ad based.

You can also get it directly from here : Play.google.com

Enjoy and don't forget to rate it!!!


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ozzyyzzo Apr 15 2012, 2:26am said:


Now that the game is out for most available platforms on Desura, i just would like to add this little note about HOW to play Marball Odyssey ^^

While the little tutorial is able to show/learn most of the game mechanics i must admit that a lot of people are playing Marball Odyssey the easy way, which correspond for me : the author, as the wrong way! ;-/

Maybe just because the 'red exit area' is always opened, most of the players are simply trying to reach the exit without collecting all the items and then missing the most interesting and challenging part of the game :

Finishing all the levels with ALL achievements!

Which means that you need to find a perfect path to be able to collect ALL rings, extra coins (<- that are hidden first) and big coins!
Then it will open up secret or bonus passages (activating some blue portals) to complete the level with full options, in a race against time!! :-)

That's it, it certainly needs another gameplay video showing all of this as for now it remains hidden for most players ^^

So why not re-visit the demo ? jumping and climbing onto walls (using doors and so on)

Good bye and have a nice time!

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Protektor Apr 10 2012, 11:00pm said:

You now get the Android version for download as well when you buy the game. So if you have an Android device this is an even better buy for you.

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opossums Apr 10 2012, 4:35pm said:

great price, I'd buy it if there were a native Linux64 version.

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gabsd84 Apr 10 2012, 6:17am said:

Game fails to Launch on Ubuntu 11.10 64Bit. Get the following output from terminal:

./desura_launch_Play.sh: line 21: 6289 Segmentation fault (core dumped) LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_ PATH:$LIB_PATH $BIN_PATH $ARGS $@

Also when I first installed and ran the game from terminal it also came up with this:

./desura_launch_Play.sh: line 18: /home/gabriel/desura/common/ marball-odyssey/Marball: Permission denied

I got around the second one by giving the executable in the marball odyssey folder executable permissions.

Also, if it helps I am running the game on an AMD HD 5670 on Xorg Mesa 7.11.

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Protektor Apr 10 2012, 11:05pm replied:

Did you install Desura in your home directory? If you didn't then you are running in to permission issues which would cause the errors you mentioned.

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gabsd84 Apr 11 2012, 8:53am replied:

Yep, the Desura folder is in my home directory.

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ozzyyzzo Apr 15 2012, 2:10am replied:

A native 64b version of the game is cooking in the oven ^^

btw others Linux users are reporting that the game is working well on 64bits systems using the 32b sets of libraries. Could u try the Gnu/Linux version provided as a standalone file using installJammer ? (Demo version for instance)


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ozzyyzzo Sep 2 2011, 5:14pm said:

Mac OS X version is now available -> Sundaycoders.host-ed.net

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