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Lunar Wish: Orbs Of Fate is an indie role-playing game developed by LusterMX for the RPG fan community. It provides a unique experience unlike other RPGs in the community and has been made to provide the most complete and fulfilling downloadable gameplay experiences players can enjoy. One of the elements which set Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate apart from other games of its genre is that it does not feature a clear main protagonist, despite initial impressions of leading characters. This has been implemented to allow each and every one of the characters to develop and expand at their own pace; the progression of the storyline is also unique in this respect as each of the characters has a significant part to play in the plot. There is no hierarchy within Lunar Wish: each character is considered integral to the overall storyline and gameplay experience. As a result, the game itself is rich in character development and is supplemented by surprising twists and unexpected methods of progression,

Review RSS Feed Add review TheQuake says
10 TheQuake

The writing is superb and makes the characters relatable while still not taking itself too seriously. The story as a whole is very interesting and fresh. The attention to detail as far as item descriptions, level design, and pretty much everything overall is above and beyond what you would expect from a free game. The combat is fun and while albeit maybe a tad on the easy side, still provides enjoyment.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good RPG.

Amefuri says
10 Amefuri

Great story, Love the cutscene LOL
can't stop laughing anyway xD

imawesome12222 says
3 imawesome12222

it wont let me play it I tried to redownload it 4 times and it still wont let me play!

BlueGrovyle says
10 BlueGrovyle

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate is a wonderfully crafted RPG containing an enticing plot and addicting gameplay. The game features several dynamic characters, most of which I loved from the start of my playthrough. The developer used excellent music tracks from various video games, including my personal favorite, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2. With a storyline that exceeds twelve hours, the game is very long, and I recall spending a lot of time grinding to complete certain parts of the game, but for free, this title is worth every minute.

killer345 says
10 killer345

So awesome

neondrop says
8 neondrop

It's great so far, very refreshing dialogues :)

dragonfire100 says
10 dragonfire100

Amazing game, the awesomeness is over 9,000!!!

GarnetofAlexandria says
7 GarnetofAlexandria

I'm about 6 hours into this game and it's definitely a solid and well-made RPG. I did run into a few small glitches and some grammar/spelling errors though nothing too too major. I gotta hand it to the character development and the general mapping of the game, it's fantastic!

dannnay says
10 dannnay

Amazing graphics with great gameplay which is instantly sucks you in for several hours of non-stop gameplay.

RavenMocker says
10 RavenMocker

Awesome! Like it so far.
Really like the humor and charecters in this game. Mwahah
Dialogs are great and keep you in the game. ^^

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