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You’re the leader of a small kingdom aiming to conquer the world. In this peaceful world without war or battle. Strengthen your economy and dominate the world with your influence.
PC only features :
- Map generator
- Diplomacy
- Huge map with 24 kingdom
- Team selection
- Multiplayer in LAN

Review RSS Feed espritcrafter says
10 espritcrafter

This is only misssing multiplayer. The larger map sizes gives the game a much more strategic feel and play style. On 64x64 I often find my self managing multiple war fronts, exploiting weak spots in the enemy defense line to capture their resources and cripple their economy to halt resistance. With larger maps and a potentially larger economy, the trade system's value and importance is greatly multiplied. I often finish 16 player 64x64 games with around 5-6 millions resources traded (on a 5 to 1 ratio). Do I want to expand into the neutral territory to my NW for easy resources, or should I crush the weak enemy to the NE before they get iron, or form a defense against a large empire to the East? Strategically placing and removing high value resource towers to keep the production cost low allows me to continually expand my front lines w/o bogging down my economy with high costs. If you couldn't tell, I really enjoy the new map sizes.

leoleez says
8 leoleez

Engaging and fun. Worth the 5 dollars if there was multiplayer.

TimeBombGage says
9 TimeBombGage

This game is well worth the $5! It's an amazing game for a concept so easy. I haven't really played a game like this before and I am just so ecstatic on how much I enjoyed this game! If you are a fan of of Real Time Strategy games you will definitely love this! 9/10

PS Haven't had an issues with it running, Thank you Cutandreil for the great work hope to see more games in the future!

ran88dom99 says
7 ran88dom99

Slay 2. nice little board game

tompatulpan says
8 tompatulpan

Really good! Needs some tweaking with controlls/hotkeys though. Looking forward to play against human ;)
Keep it simple!!

Splitmek says
3 Splitmek

An overly simple tile based strategy game with virtually no polish at all. The art is sparse and boring, there are just about no sound effects (not even to assist in feedback) and the music isn't worth mentioning, and there doesn't seem to be a story worth a damn between the dialogue. As for the actual gameplay, it's not entirely un-fun, but is a bit vapid. It seems to boil down to pushing borders back further and further until you control the more of the map and your enemies have no territory left. It was easy to understand and play for a strategy game, however.
All-in-all, this game just doesn't have enough substance to keep me entertained past the 5 minute mark.

MorrisonHill says
8 MorrisonHill

Interesting game that has a lot of potential. Kind of reminds me of populous but with a new twist :)

Nocturnalupn says
8 Nocturnalupn

I'll give it a 10/10 when multiplayer is added, everything else is already very awesome.

Drixxel says
8 Drixxel

Jan 8th, 2015

No review provided

Dinom says
8 Dinom

Dec 28th, 2013

No review provided

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