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If you like total freedom in the way you conquer the enemy this is the ultimate war game for you. Build freeform constructions as a medieval Builder, fight in sword duels as a Knight or snipe with your bow as an Archer. KAG blends the cooperative aspects of Lost Vikings, mashes them with the full destructibility of Worms and the visual style and action of Metal Slug, brought to you by the creators of Soldat.

* Build defenses with freeform building
* Destroy the enemy castles with physics and explosives
* Freedom to move by land, water, dig tunnels or fly in the air
* Use the environment to burn or drown enemies
* Interact with a living animal and plant world
* Drive siege machines with your teammates
* Fight with 32 unpredictable humans in multiplayer
* Freely change to one of 3 distinct classes
* Singleplayer, cooperative and competitive game modes
* Customize with 60+ unique heads
* Create your own adventure with community created mods & scripts

RSS Feed Build 265

More fixes, updated networking code, workshop updates and more!

Posted by MaxCahill on Jan 7th, 2012

This build is a preparation before the coming Zombies update and more war focussed modes!

Many mac fixes, faster network data, a new map format allowing positions of game entities to be saved along with map data, menu optimisation, server blacklisting/whitelisting, server updates, physics issues and a whole lot more, with Zombies on the horizon!

A full changelog highlighting all the changes from build 228:

Changes 228-262:
- new Swordfight map
- fixed some collision bugs
- fixed tents spawning underground
- map format changed to .KAG
- \loadmap \savemap - loads\saves .KAG files
- \loadbitmap NAME - loads PNG map format from Maps/
- packet compression is back on
- arrows stick to bodies
- fixed rules time counter and display
- changed to larger font for catapult health and blocks menu resources display
- builder rectangle cursor doesn’t appear if not buildable and not diggable
- fixed ping times in server browser
- fixed favorites in server browser
- fixed server browser password prompt display
- fixed sort types list box
- fixed most bottom blocks on map indestructible bug
- added speedhack detection and prevention
- units are decreased on spawn not death
- Mac: fixed ingame web browser
- Mac: fixed screen options not saving
- Mac: changed team chat switch to Ctrl
- Mac: improve graphic performance on
- Mac: fixed game crashing when window larger than desktop
- fixed authentication mix up when two players from same host connect
- improved network code - slightly lower pings
- added server check for knight slashing
- slash takes 5% longer
- sv_compression variable works again
- fixed throw sound being played if trying to drop materials during warmup
- fixed client crash on map restart
- fixed trying to connect to full server
- units aren’t decreased in build time
- added \nextmap command (\restartmap works as it should now)
- Mac: fixed clipboard pasting Cmd+V
- Mac: fixed mouse button / shield problem
- fixed head config hack
- fixed bomb killing teammates
- improved offscreen objects netcode
- autoupdate can be canceled with ESC
- new linux dedicated executable works w/o batch file “./KAGdedi”
Changes 262-263:
- fixed kick and swap menus not scrolling
- arrows don’t stick to shields
- fixed unpredictable bomb throwing on high ping
- fixed unit_count=0 in gamemode.cfg (one life for all)
- fixed warmup counter display
- fixed quarters not healing if something in front of it
Changes 263-265:
- fixed native resolution in fullscreen broken
- fixed map collisions (not climbing, corner jumping etc.)
- chat console is disabled if no players
- unit counters changed to minimalistic numbers
- chat moved to top
- gamemode descriptions support line break (new CTF description)
- chat box position, transparency improvements
- chat box only displays under 140 chars
- fixed help texts not appearing during build time
- fixed not being able to build sometimes at some spots
- fixed buying bomb by spamming with left over coins
- fixed massive gold appearing under tent in older generator scripts
- fixed hole in map generator causing tower
- added flat map with hole in middle to deafult map cycle
- fixed 2 players from the same IP being authenticated wrong on master server
- Mac: fixed space appearing after pressing shift in chat


Skylar15 Jan 8 2012, 2:51pm said:

Looking good.

+5 votes     reply to
alexhairyman Jan 13 2012, 12:05am said:

has it been applied to the desura client yet? it still says build 228 as of dec,4 2011, not 265

+1 vote     reply to
MaxCahill Jan 13 2012, 1:05am replied:

Should update itself, however I updated the standalone installers as the build came out. They may not be approved yet - I'll add a patch release in a few days worst comes to worst and they don't go through.

+1 vote     reply to
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