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KarBOOM is a fast-paced local multiplayer car-combat game for Windows, Mac & Linux. Knock other players out the ring, chase the flag, play kar football, and bet on how long you can survive with everyone hunting you! Play in teams or every kar for itself!

RSS Feed Team play for KarBOOM released

KarBOOM Open Alpha 0.3.5 adds team play and has been released in time for Christmas!

Posted by JibbSmart on Dec 21st, 2011

Time for team play

KarBOOM Open Alpha 0.3.5 adds team play! Join Heat or Chill in a team battle for the highest score or last team standing. Mix it up with mutators, which have been tweaked to accommodate team modes: team mates cannot blow each other up by their weak spots or steal the flag from each other.

It's worth mentioning that "king of the hill" does not yet have any effect on team modes, but that'll be fixed in the next update -- time constraints and Christmas commitments mean it was either release now or no updates until 2012.

Team Play

Get it!

Download 0.3.5 at KarBOOM's download page on IndieDB. Don't forget, the KarBOOM Open Alpha is also available on Desura.

Desura Digital Distribution

What to look out for

Team play is fairly simple at this stage, but will pave the way for more ambitious and exciting game modes -- like car soccer -- in future updates. If you've got ideas (whether team-related or not), I'd love to hear them!

Thanks again!

Thanks again for your votes and support in IndieDB's Indie Of The Year 2011. Getting into the Top 100 was more than I expected, and hugely motivating as I continue to work on KarBOOM.

Keep up the great feedback -- bug-reports, suggestions, and feature-requests -- here and at the KarBOOM forum. I won't be able to work on KarBOOM until the new year, but I'll still be checking and noting your feedback for future updates.

JibbSmart Dec 22 2011, 10:05am said:

There appears to be an issue with the update being unavailable via IndieDB despite it being authorised. Sorry. I'm doing what I can from this end.

If anyone could confirm for me whether or not Desura users are getting patched with the latest version (0.3.5), I'd really appreciate it.

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JibbSmart Dec 22 2011, 3:58pm replied:

The download link now works. Try it out!

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