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Isomer is an isometric realtime strategy game inspired by classic XCOM and other more recent sandbox style games.

It's open ended, designed to be played in a variety of ways with world exploration, survival, crafting and strategy all blended together. Build up your forces by trading resources for reinforcements with passing resupply ships and mutate your troops into specialist units from scouts to warriors. Enemy forces attack periodically in an attempt to destroy your bases and facilities. How long can you survive?

The worlds are procedurally generated, large and teeming with hostile forces, enemy bases, deep catacombs and life. On some worlds, extensive enemy facilities have sprung up and the inhabitants don't take too kindly to new arrivals attempting to poach resources from their backyard. Mined resources can be used to build structures, traps or fortifications as well as traded periodically.

1 graspee

Seemingly abandoned by developer.

Got onto steam 11 July 2014

update 15 August

Update 31 August


Now it's 6 December as I write this. No dev on twitter since october, no dev on steam since end of august.

Tag it and bag it.

iNsAneLy says
1 iNsAneLy

No customer relations, no game updates, no nothing. Official forum has been removed, dev can't be seen on Desura or Steam or anywhere for more than 6 months and no sign of life. If i could rate with 0, i would do it but i can't.

Sheraton says
1 Sheraton

what a bs. i bought this game and development ceases.

Pardinuz says
1 Pardinuz


ArchAngelsLegion says
10 ArchAngelsLegion


yhann says
9 yhann

A very difficult but exiting game and rewarding game.

pysiu says
9 pysiu

After countless hours spent already in this game (still alpha yet delivering more then enough fun) i have to say- GREAT JOB!

This game allows you to take control over your enemy from the UFO/X-COM series ;) , in real time!

+ take real time control (pausing is allowed) over your pillaging alien army
+ mine, build, grind resources & xp, explore, defend, conquer and kill them all (the pitiful human scum)!
+ look at the clock every now and then to think how much time can pass in so little time :)
+ witness/take part in ;) the game development of a cool game with the Dev who really listens to his playerbase

-/+ i`d still love to have the possibility of using turn based fight system
-/+ graphic, personally i like it but some ppl are all for full 3d. Their loss :)
-/+ despite the obvious similarities to ufo/xcom the game plays more like gnomoria or towns

Initial impression:

Played too little to write a review so far, but i rate it 9/10 since i got lots of fun in 1 hour gameplay.

I love it so far, beeing a big fan of Gnomoria and Ufo/Xcom series i can see this game becomming my new favourite :D

ymate says
9 ymate

The art style looks amazing and the game itself seems very well designed. It looks to me as a potential hit into the market, so, good luck guys! Gonna buy the alpha sometime soon

Retsaki says
10 Retsaki

thank you. just thank you.

KyleXreX says
8 KyleXreX

I don't like the art style, the genre the game is heading towards is awesome.

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