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Interstellar defence troops is a space tower defence game. Colourful space adventure, challenging gameplay, gorgeous backdrops of endless star fields. Stunning effects and pleasant music. IDT presents yet another twist on tower defence. A hardcore twist.

Review RSS Feed shivaner says
1 shivaner

No working Key...

MorrisonHill says
8 MorrisonHill

I love the fast paced action in this one, makes you constantly have to react.

IvaPotich says
10 IvaPotich

Game look amazing. Gameplay and graphics are just great. I highly recommend this game to all TD fans.

Carolina1 says
10 Carolina1

I liked the game. It is fun to play. catchy!

PetoMelzz says
10 PetoMelzz

Great game. Rush mode is the best. Keep it up!

Proteus123 says
7 Proteus123

Nice take on the tower defence game genre. Reasonable graphics and in general good control mechanics. Some issues with slowdowns when there are many ships on screen at the same time. Have not played it much yet. But what I have seen I like.

thereneas says
9 thereneas


K1ll3rm4n says
10 K1ll3rm4n

Well, I am not much into reviewing or writing any long stories, so I will keep it short. I love tower defense games / or defense games in general, if you do too, TRY THIS NOW

madpinger says
7 madpinger

Aug 23rd, 2012

No review provided

dasbuba says
9 dasbuba

Jul 27th, 2012

No review provided

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