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Pick up the crowbar of research scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself on an alien-infested Earth being picked to the bone, its resources depleted, its populace dwindling. Freeman is thrust into the unenviable role of rescuing the world from the wrong he unleashed back at Black Mesa. And a lot of people, people he cares about, are counting on him.

Review RSS Feed NIGHT-TO-THE-MARE63 says

i thought it was so cool i was thinking it replaced my own parents!!!!

Reqieumthefallen says
7 Reqieumthefallen

Despite all the praise of long ago, the fact remains that Half-Life 2 isn't that fantastic a shooter. After completing the game once, you come to realize just how tediously dumb the AI is (depending upon as many scripted hints as possible), how linear the level designing was, and how much better it is just to use this as a platform to mod off of.

Valve did a good job, especially for their time, but this isn't anything to write home about these days.

Chapter says
7 Chapter

Its a great game, lots of money has been spent on this and it shows.

The game has a decent length to it but I found the puzzles a bit to easy and they were clearly show casing thier new engine which is fine but throw in some puzzles that require some thought please!

Another problem I had was that there wern't many aliens in it compared to half life, I thought half life was all about the meaty aliens and weird **** going on.

AmDDRed says
7 AmDDRed

The Dissapointment.

It failed to repeat the survival feeling of HL1, becoming the "pseudo-smart" shooting attraction with bosses.

TheUnbeholden says
7 TheUnbeholden

There was something very incredible about the original Half-Life. It was ground breaking for its time because it was the first game I played that really felt alive. Half-Life 2 is a step back in some ways. While it continues the same classic formula of run and gun rail shooter, it however goes back in several areas.
While it has more of a storyline than Half-Life, its just not very interesting. The combine are perhaps the most bland enemy I've ever seen, the key problem is they are unmemorable. Like a weaker version of the Strogg (from Quake).

While it has the best physics (which makes sense as you are Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist). The game took a nose dive into a completely different locale. The claustrophobia of underground research facility is gone, and some classic aliens don't make a come back (bullsquid/hound eye)... and Vortiguants are friendly -_-

The game also noticeably lacks difficulty, even on hard the game is perhaps the easiest I've ever played.
Less explosive barrels - Half-Life 1 had a perfect balance. Every time I saw a barrel in Half-Life 2 I knew someone was going to either go near it or hide behind it. Less health kits, once again HL1 had a perfect balance.. here I always find 2-3 to many.
Those unlimited ammo/grenade supply crates where so unnecessary.
The mediocre AI.. I want the AI to find ways to circle around me and trap me in corners, flush me out with grenades.
The airboat portion in Half-Life 2 was dragged on far too long. In between each section you kill a few easy metro cops and then on you go... like some sort of tech demo.

+Gameplay is fun, and level design is logical
+Ergonomically designed, so you can play the whole in one sitting
+Very long

-Easy game, even on Hard
-Bland enemy design for the combine
-Unmemorable music

-Mediocre AI
-Lame physics puzzles
-Why does Gordon have to be a silent protagonist? I feel like it's more a crutch on the story.

DFrost says
7 DFrost

Looks neat, looking forward to seeing the finished thing.

Only things I had mixed feelings for were the brightly lit CP visors (might've failed in use of appropriate words here), running, crab-less zombies with no sign(s) of mutation, and the absence of Xen creatures, seeing as they popped up everywhere after Resonance Cascade/BM incident, before the CMB came. I mean, it would just be nice to see an occasional headcrab and perhaps a bullsquid. Though I believe it's still early to judge as this is a mere trailer.

Visually, " I came, I saw, I CAME ".

ClousG says
7 ClousG

Jul 6th, 2014

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dandanut568294 says
7 dandanut568294

Dec 17th, 2013

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captainsparklez38 says
7 captainsparklez38

Nov 4th, 2013

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Xx_WeeZuf_xX says
7 Xx_WeeZuf_xX

Oct 26th, 2013

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