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Gnomoria is a sandbox village management game where you help lead a small group of gnomes, who have set out on their own, to thrive into a bustling kingdom! Anything you see can be broken down and rebuilt elsewhere. Craft items, build structures, set traps and dig deep underground in search of precious resources to help your gnomes survive the harsh lands. Build your kingdom and stockpile wealth to attract wandering gnomads to your cause, but be wary of also attracting enemies!

RSS Feed Gnomoria v0.8.5.2 released

This update fixes more bugs and makes some changes to mining selection and trading.

Posted by RoboB0b on Jul 19th, 2012

Full changelog:

   Optimizations for creating stock jobs (fixes performance problems with idle gnomes)
   Cut clipping removes saplings
   Trading with merchants no longer requires items to be brought to the merchant
   Mine jobs select the top of the cell instead of the bottom
   Added option in settings.ini to hide the mouse cursor when selecting.  Default is off

Bug Fixes:
   Gnomes favoring certain materials over others, ie stocking dirt before clay
   Items not falling when digging ramp up
   Gnomes not using bandages on severed limbs that were bleeding
   Gnomes getting stuck continuously restocking  

GamerAse Jul 25 2012, 8:29am said:

I'm glad you fixed the " Gnomes not using bandages on severed limbs that were bleeding" bug, that was one of my major complaints with the game. And thank you for continuously improving this great, great game.

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Blackop2 Aug 1 2012, 2:07am said:

It looks like you update this a lot and it seems higher quality and better art style then "Towns." I might drop 8$ to support you and i love me some Isometric dorf fort :)

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Uhntiss Aug 22 2012, 12:07am said:

I like this game ^^
Good fixe ))

+1 vote     reply to
Lasket Sep 22 2012, 4:54am said:

how to get Updates? -.-

+2 votes     reply to
weskerx13 Jun 12 2013, 5:03am said:

wth, my farmer gnomes wont farm my strawberry farm and prefer to brew beer from my wheat farm which is further away, they only started farming when food ran out then everybody starved to death, the farm is higher priority than the brewery and the same priority as the wheat farm, agricultures is second highest priority after mining, default farmer profession, Object dumb gnomes

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