A simple yet ambitious plan, to terraform planet Diversitas. About 1.25 trillion dollars were invested into this project, ships were built, colonizers were trained, scientists were hired; And it all failed. On the second year following the route to Diversitas, one of the main nuclear engines of the mother ship "Infinitum" exploded, as far as you know you are the only survivor. Alone in space, no communication, no people.

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Want to apply to be a game tester, well before you can do that you must be among the first 100 buyers of the game, so hurry up and get you copy .

Posted by frozenstudios on Jan 11th, 2013

Want to apply to be a game tester, well before you can do that you must be among the first 100 buyers of the game, so hurry up and get you copy . What do i mean by a game tester? well you will get acces to certain important updates atleas a week before they are released, your only task to is to send me private messages with what you thing about the next update, what you like and what you don't like. Update testers will be announced in the credits when the full game is released.

The game has a 50% discount so you should not miss that great offer so instead of getting the game for 9 dollars you can get it for 4!!. The new update was released about 4 hours ago so you should definitely try Frozen Nightmare out!

Desura Digital Distribution Desura Digital Distribution

New game trailer looks much better than the first one, its longer and it contains more gameplay. 

try out the demo and let me know if the link does not appear on the summary page of Frozen Nightmare

keruD Jan 12 2013, 2:24am said:


-2 votes     reply to
alvarofer0021 Jan 12 2013, 6:41am said:

meh..honestly the game lacks a lot of content before it can actually be called a game

+1 vote     reply to
quillyquillquill Jan 12 2013, 4:46pm said:

It says 50% off for me. Kinda interested but the traliers weren't enough incentive for me to buy just yet...

+2 votes     reply to
dendriel Jan 12 2013, 5:18pm said:

Show some action in begin of the video (for the most players it will be the motivation to play the game).

+2 votes     reply to
Bashful Jan 12 2013, 5:22pm said:

Does this mean I accidentaly became a tester... Wow lol. I have not had chance to play it yet, with family getting ready for my mums funeral on Tuesday but as soon as I get back Wednesday I shall have a good playthrough of it :)

+2 votes     reply to
pysiu Jan 14 2013, 7:42pm said:

am i in first 100? :D

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