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Erie drops you into a visually stunning, yet terrifying scenario where your goals are to investigate, survive, and finally escape. Itís first person horror meets intense dark-ride with hidden, rotting cats. Erie begins in October 1966, when the Fermi 1 Nuclear Power Generator suffers a partial meltdown, and locals begin disappearing from a sleepy Michigan town. Oliver Victor is a Red Cross Investigator sent to find missing locals, but quickly finds himself trapped underground and being hunted by a product of forced-mutation experiments. Oliverís rescue mission quickly turns into a struggle to survive, escape and uncover whatís been happening under the nuclear plant on the shores of Lake Erie. Developed by the University of Utah's EAE Master Games Studio Program.

10 cgd0029

ERIE is one of those games where you just can't believe a game that looks this good is for free!

ViktorBang says
8 ViktorBang

A very good Game but i cant change the revoulotion and graphic its lag very hard

awesomematt866 says
10 awesomematt866

Beautiful scenery, magnificent gameplay, and a very good horror style game overall

marcrune2 says
9 marcrune2

Scary as hell, Id definitely payed for this.

DoctorP131 says
9 DoctorP131

I've seen a let's play of this game and it looks cool and very scary! The only downside is that there is no option to adjust the graphics. My laptop is a bit old and I can't really enjoy this game because it stutters to much. But I'm sure such a feature will be implemented in the future :). Can't wait to play it honestly, good work!

imrbear says
10 imrbear

Epic game!

jon_the_awesome says
10 jon_the_awesome

i would totally pay for this this is awesome

1kingja says
10 1kingja

Had to change my shorts a couple times.

Unforged says
10 Unforged

Very good game! What would make it more interesting is having the abiliry to use better shading when entering a lit room. Not critisizing, just noticing some graphical glitches.

gemmesombre says
7 gemmesombre

Jun 14th, 2014 2 people agree 0 people don't
This review may contain spoilers

Decent game. The cats are a bit awkward. I think those cats had to be one of the oddest things I have encountered in a game to date. Those actually being my favorite part of the game.. smiling here after finish.


1. The first cat in the water. I like that the first collection could have totally been missed if you aren't one to actually look around at your surroundings when you first enter a game.

1. Sound effects as you walked ran around in the environment. This left me very cautiously looking around every corner if I wasn't running.

1. The setting. Very nicely done. Kept you in the story. Did not pull you from the main story line at all as there was no indication of another.

3. The Spray Can. One the most unique features I have seen in a horror game yet. Since there was a whole bunch of running at the end of the creature this can came in handy.

1. The scare factor. I had a few jumps in my seat so that made for a fun game.

I did not give this game a 10 rating due to:

1. There aren't any saves.

1. After the great scenery I experienced the creature was very mediocre at best.

1. There isn't any setting of any kind like, Windowed mode. Resolution modes. Shaders.

All in all I enjoyed the game and the cons were very minor as this was a very playable game.

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