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Epic Inventor combines side-scroller, RPG and RTS elements into one random ball of Epic!

Review RSS Feed Panda2222 says
7 Panda2222


Birdhead says
10 Birdhead

This game is so addictive I would fully recommend it to anyone that enjoys games like Terraria or Minecraft.

Elliottpop says
10 Elliottpop

great game :D

mikey0708 says
8 mikey0708

love it

thebossboss23 says
5 thebossboss23

Its good but could be better

Zach014 says
10 Zach014

it was fun

shadowclaw101 says
8 shadowclaw101

its really fun

jorlin says
6 jorlin

Nice crafting system, but resource collection/ placeables dissassembly is both buggy and needlessly time consuming. the cave systems are repetitive and quite bland. If this game is tweaked to improve those areas, this could easily become an 8.

Getting to the next level when fighting a bunch of monsters will kill your character because the leveling dialogue and animation will obscure the action :-/
Monsters dropping down in the dungeon so they are eventually gathered at the bottom makes for poor balance.

Unfortunately there is a bug that makes the game crash and corrupt your save game at the same time. When trying to restart the game the launcher hangs at *placing plants*, making me a sad panda when it happens.
It seem to happen more often when several timers are running simultaneaously while the game tries to auto-save (oh, the irony...)

Still, for a first game. Oh, my, such potential. Keep on making great games!

balmung8 says
9 balmung8

great game. i love the crafting in game, its simple, easy, and easy to navigate. the monsters are unique, the weapons are effective and interesting, and the fact that you can give the robot upgrades makes me happy.

jackmac456 says
9 jackmac456

this is a very, very fun game, despite the low ammount of items

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