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Enola is a horror/adventure game about love, hate, and death. You play as a young girl on a mysterious place, looking for her missing girlfriend. However, as you explore this world, you find there is something dark and evil lurking in the shadows. You’ll have to be quick and cunning to survive. Do you have what it takes to save your loved one before it's too late?

Review RSS Feed stjohnj says
10 stjohnj

Very good game that is pretty riveting but challenging. I have had several moments where I just ran out the door in the game lol.

Pwn#1 says
9 Pwn#1

I LOVe it so MUCH

IranFTW says
7 IranFTW

Could be bit better

sean4d says
10 sean4d

The game is awesome! The atmosphere is extremely creepy and the game and story is disturbing.

trivard676 says
7 trivard676

Just wrote up a full preview at www.relyonhorror.com. The kind of game that will honestly make you jump when your flashlight brushes over a table leg and make you seriously hope that noise you just heard was only the wind.

Enola doesn't hold your hand when it comes to puzzles, which...admittedly, kinda sucks if you're stuck on something. I do wish the game had a little bit more direction on what you're supposed to do, especially at the beginning of the game.

Yeah, there are things that still need to be polished, but Enola has a really good thing going for it. In an industry that's flooding in jump-out scares and zombies, it's refreshing to find a game like Enola that does what it does so well.

Trinitylynne98 says
10 Trinitylynne98

This game was AMAZING! The story is very well thought out, and the game plays like a finished game. The atmosphere is very creepy, and the theme to the whole game is very disturbing (just how I like it). The music is great, and although there is not an immediate threat present (there is at times though, be careful) you always feel like you are watching over your shoulder. There are also "death traps" in this game, which I am brand new to the idea of. I love it, because you REALLY feel the pressure while trying to solve the puzzles. The puzzles are just right, although there are a couple that are quite hard too. The back story story is very realistic, no monsters, ghosts or zombies, (although it plays out in a metaphorical way), and because of this, really draws you in. Furthermore, the developer was very patient with me, when I got stuck and needed help. This game was worth every penny, and was so good that I will be playing it again when a new build comes out, just to see all the new additions to it.

thebestgamereva says
1 thebestgamereva

Terrible game

Mantary says
10 Mantary

Jan 28th, 2014

No review provided

EDDream says
10 EDDream

Nov 7th, 2013

No review provided

055517 says
5 055517

Sep 5th, 2013

No review provided

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