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Endgame Syria is a free interactive exploration of events unfolding in Syria today. Rejected by Apple's App Store but now on PC, Endgame:Syria is a newsgame; a simulation that uses interactivity to explore a real world event. The original version was developed in around two weeks, this updated version allows users to explore the options open to the Syrian rebels as they push the ongoing conflict to its endgame. Each choice the user makes has consequences – the types of military units you may deploy, the political paths you choose to tread. Not only does each choice impact the current situation but your choices may also impact the final outcome. Users can play and replay events to see how different choices on the ground might lead to different outcomes. There is more info, links and sources data on the game's site. Will you choose to accept peace at any cost? Can you win the war and the peace that follows? Find out in Endgame Syria.

Freedom Friday - Oct 4


Freedom Friday - Oct 4

Deer Hunter 1066, CDF Ghostship, Endgame: Syria and Boredom are the magical runes needed to cast your spell of Friday Freedom this Freedom Friday!

Oct 4, 2013 News
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DDuunneeWWaarriioorr Jun 19 2014, 8:42pm said:

The game correctly predicts the results of the expansion of the Jihadists from the conflict and beyond !!!

Love to see an update in the near future ... a link to Iraq with current events ... perhaps Kurdish expansion ...

I could see an expansion game that could be played from different players:
Syrian regime ... Turkey ... Iraq ... Kurds ...Iran ... Jihadists ... EU ... US ...

+2 votes     reply to
godkillergod Apr 18 2014, 9:16am said:

I can't donwload the game. Can some one help me please?

+1 vote     reply to
Erwangamma Oct 22 2013, 4:16am said:

Congratulations,you had the courage to make a game about a hot and actual subject.Just can't wait to play the game!.

+2 votes     reply to
DDuunneeWWaarriioorr Nov 24 2013, 8:17pm replied:


Recommend playing through several times taking note how choices affect:
(1) Battlefield - a must win - by any means?
(2) Political position - post conflict - settlement?

Btw, check out the recent news on the Kurdish Defense Forces...

(1) Displacing the Jihadists in the NE of Syria linking across the border with Kurds in Iraq
(2) De-facto autonomous Kurdistan?
(3) Turkish response?
(3) Post Syria?

Often wonder about US Policy: Off on their own? Commitment? Allied with whom?
~ DuneWarrior ~

+1 vote     reply to
Kheder Jul 31 2013, 7:52am said:

this game is bad for my country they don't let to choose the regime

0 votes     reply to
FreeSyria777 Sep 6 2013, 5:17pm replied:

This is not "your" country and it is not the country of this dictator and mass murderer Assad. Would you today say that Germany was Hitlers country? Cause Assad is not better than Hitler for sure.

0 votes     reply to
larock2010 Sep 13 2013, 7:29pm replied:

your veiws are very idiotic. why would you conpair hittler and Assad, because i would like to know. and i doubt you've either lived in Siria under Assad or Germany under Hitler. i also wounder whether you've ever said this to a holocaust surviver. and after that tell a real Syrian freedom fighter it's not their country so they should just become a refuge and find somewhere else.

+3 votes     reply to
wrath_of_iron Jun 13 2013, 9:46pm said:

Having a good solid game is being able to play both sides of the conflict not just one side irrespective of your opinion of that side.

+3 votes     reply to
Danioh Jan 18 2014, 4:51am replied:

Downvoted you by error. I'm sorry. I agree with your pov.

+1 vote     reply to
Colonel_James_London Sep 27 2013, 9:43pm replied:

I agree. I personally hate Assad and a fair number of his enemies (mostly the Islamists), but that doesn't mean i wouldn't like the ability to try it out.

+2 votes     reply to
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