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Survive, Fight, Explore, Terraform, Dig, and Build. In Edge Of Space you change the world to serve your needs in this unique mix of survival, defense, exploration, base building, Reactive world, dynamic sandbox. At the Edge of Space, you will need all your wits about you. Take your tools and start changing the dangerous world you have landed on. As one of the Elite ArkCo recruits, you must create outposts, power stations, weapons, gather resources, find lost technology, and turn the world into a livable environment. Build a small bunker to a giant science station, and perhaps grab the attention of the lumbering Ark ship. Can you dominate the Edge of Space?

Review RSS Feed LadyAijou says
10 LadyAijou

Edge of Space is already a fantastic game, and getting better every day. The amount of progress since Day 1 beta back in June is absolutely staggering, and I can't wait to watch it get even better

AIex says
10 AIex

Super awesome game

GhostlyStudios says
10 GhostlyStudios

Great game. Cannot say enough how fun this is, and how responsive the developers are :)

TheLastOhmsford says
10 TheLastOhmsford

I played this game and have realy enjoyed it this far. I am really into building things and this game is set to tick all of those boxes. Will most certainly be making videos on this in the future and can't wait for more. When I heared what the theme was for this game I was taken by it I love the space and really enjoy it, whats more you still have to watch your back. At the moment it is geared towards multiplayer but there is a way to play single player so far a great game and looks set to rock the shelves or your game libraries...

If you call yourself and Indie gamer this is most certainly one for you...

kyleman1224 says
10 kyleman1224

This game has a ton of great things in alpha already! Great artwork, great music, and most importantly, amazing gameplay! I am super excited to see this game in its eternal glory!

samjaza says
10 samjaza

I Kickstarted the game and have been watching the development, and everything ive been seeing i like.

Philtomato says
10 Philtomato

Awesome!! I can't wait to play this game.

RoyalDodger says
10 RoyalDodger

Pretty good game !

rerock44 says
10 rerock44


TeufelsSohn says
10 TeufelsSohn

Great game so far and looking forward to more updates from the "I care about the players input" dev team! I too belived in the game enough to Kickstart it!

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