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eCity is a city simulation game where you are challenged to solve different engineering issues.
Eight scenarios are available including topics such as:
* energy distribution
* pollution
* networking
* transportation
* natural disasters
* etc,

Review RSS Feed Add review TheExplodingPig says
8 TheExplodingPig

Loving this game! Could use some new content though.

greenorange says
10 greenorange

I don't plan cities in real life, so I don't know how realistic it is, but it certainly makes sense in how it all works. It is a very well made sim, with nice graphical style and useful overlay. Great sim, get it.

Oskitar1981 says
5 Oskitar1981

Nada especial, puedes pasar un rato jugando pero cansa rapido. No obstante si se lo trabajan pueden conseguir un buen juego que enganche. Pruebalo, no es una perdida de tiempo.

jvdberg15 says
5 jvdberg15

I do not think this game is that difficult

PetitSacrio says
9 PetitSacrio

Realy realist , I give a 9/10 Because it is very difficult game :D

tombow says
3 tombow

The game has no instructions. Or, at least, not that big of an instruction. I cant really play it because it dosent specify how to, and i have to guess how things work. I dont know if the game is saying: -"done! This requirement is done! You dont need it now!" or -"It has no "X", you need "X" to be able to have this work." Just needs a bit more effort and work. Add a tutorial and i may think of it better!

NelsonSmothis says
10 NelsonSmothis

Good game, you need build a custom city, very hard work with unity in coding to create all this, you need to post it in Steam Greenlight to be in steam store is good !! [WARNING is not free is 100$ to post in greenlight but, this 100$ not for valve for a childs play valve help them but if you post it in Concept if you get so much votes ! he can been greenlight and after 3/4 months it will be in STEAM STORE] !

davidemario says
5 davidemario

There are a problem with resolution over full HD

SupermanKyleGaming says
10 SupermanKyleGaming

Great Amazing best game ever!

MarceloN says
10 MarceloN

One of the greatest city simulatores ever created!
Smooth looks nice environment and realistic systems.
Highly recommended, congratz.

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