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Dysis is a creative voxel-based real time strategy and first person shooter hybrid. You are given an army of robots, the ability to manipulate your environment, and the task of escaping the Dysis. The land is infinite, hostile and mysterious. You must explore, research and survive. You've just crash landed; your journey begins with limited resources and the knowledge that you will be facing wave after wave of hostile enemies. You must engage or evade them to survive. You can hide your crash site and base by manipulating the world around you, block by block, or you can bring the fight to the enemy first-hand by piloting a robot and leading your army to victory!

Review RSS Feed Add review brainize says
10 brainize

I helped fund Dysis on kickstarter. It's just awesome.

dxm765 says
10 dxm765

Awesome trailer,can't wait!

wiktormm says
10 wiktormm

Ten out of Ten

Majotime says
1 Majotime

It's unfinished and I'm so upset. I followed this game daily back in 2011, and it hurts to see it in its current state.

plok says
1 plok

Project has unfortunately died :(

Babymaster189 says
10 Babymaster189

It's just magic in virtual form.

Scoooby23 says
10 Scoooby23

Awesome game! Can not wait for the real deal. Considering that I am just playing the prototype, this game in full version is going to be bad assss.

larsrathbone says
10 larsrathbone

Cool. very original game idea. I cannot wait to see what else is in store for this game!

Alsius says
10 Alsius

Rather excellent. For how early it is into the prototype stage, it's still pretty darn fun. Eagerly awaiting every new update!

centaurman says
10 centaurman

Great game

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