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Dungeoncraft is a fantasy real time strategy game featuring multiplayer sandbox survival type gameplay, dynamic world expansion, and 3D grid based digging and building.

It does allow for direct control over your units, having indirect orders only for convenience' sake.

Craft weapons, raid dungeons for epic loot and mighty spells, brew potions, build or dig fortifications against the computer or your friends. It's all up to you!

Play in the unique "communicationsmode", which only allows you to control your units if you supply them with orders or contact them directly with your avatar or substitutes!

Requires at least OpenGL 3.3 compability to run; Windows XP untested, but Vista and newer will work for sure.

Bug Reports
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[CRASH] Delete stockpile via hotkey bvierra bvierra - read

Jun 12 2013, 3:57am

Stockpile Configuration bvierra Zinnusl - read

May 27 2013, 6:30pm

Open threads regarding bugs/crashes here! Please make sure to check for doubles.