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Since the beginning of time, the forces of Order and Chaos have been engaged in an eternal struggle to decide the fate of all Creation. That struggle has now come to the Mortal Realm... and neither Man, Demon, nor Angel will be left unscathed.

Review RSS Feed Henley says
9 Henley

Great game, small resolution. Nuff said.

Mendozacheers says
9 Mendozacheers

The mother of all dungeon grawlers... at least it's the best one if you ask me. You can either dungeon crawl yourself, or you can do it with others in co-op, which is even more awesome. It's still one of my favorite co-op titles even though its so old, blizzard really succeeded with this.

Of course the graphics are outdated, but does this game really need better graphics? not really, it wont bother you. Besides, it kinda gives a special mysterious touch to the game.

Play as different classes with their own abilities. Crawl yourself throughout a hundreds of different dungeons and a dozen quests.

Azganuub says
9 Azganuub

Great game, a reference in the hack'n'slash genre

jangsy5 says
9 jangsy5

One of the best hack-and-slash rpg's around with awsome multiplayer.

SheX says
10 SheX

I love this game :)

Brash says
10 Brash

best of action/rpg. legendary game

chainer8472 says
10 chainer8472

One of the best games I have ever played. But be warned, there is possibility you destroy more then one mouse playing this game.

Porkchopz says
8 Porkchopz

I really enjoyed playing this game. It leaves you the possibility to to so much. though that, it is almost like any other RPG. But I hope Blizzard will develop, and make the game just as good as this. (If not better).

Mdyter says
10 Mdyter

I think, Diablo 2 is the first game i ever so on a computer.
For me it's the first love that never forgets.
i hope Diablo 3 will be such as great as Diablo 2 was then it became available .

baal_13 says
10 baal_13

diabloII...=...godly game

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