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Denizen's Den delivers a new look to the classic top down dungeon runner genre.
When evil calls will you dare answer? Enter the Denizen's Den, a world of twisting halls
and endless rooms filled with the vilest of creatures to walk below the surface. But your
quest is the noblest of tasks: Save all of Humanity, of course. Enter a world of amazing
treasures, vast dungeons and unspeakable dangers in search of an artifact that can save the
world... or destroy it.

Denizen's Den is a top down dungeon adventure, randomly generated so every game is a
new experience. Over 25 weapon types, including projectiles, will be at your hero's disposal.
Scrolls, wands, rings, and potions contain powerful magic that may tip the scales in favor of
your valiant adventurer, or may bring your doom. Beware, these dungeons house traps, nigh
impenetrable darkness, secret doors, and more. Prove your skills by unlocking in-game
awards that will grant you access to additional content.

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