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The world has been ravaged by a series of climatic disasters and society is on the verge of total breakdown. Now the aliens have returned, with a full invasion force bent on nothing less than the total annihilation of mankind, starting by trying to rip the heart out of Earth's most iconic city. In New York, terrifying alien invaders stalk the streets and a nightmare plague strikes down the city's myriad inhabitants with brutal epidemic speed. The city's systems are in chaos, its streets and skyline are smashed and in flaming ruin. This is New York City like you've never seen it before. Neither paramilitary law enforcement nor the might of the US military machine can stand against the invaders, and all who choose not to flee are dead men walking. Just to survive in this maelstrom of death will require technology beyond anything any modern soldier has ever seen. One man will inherit that means to survive. One supersoldier, wielding the combat enhancement technology of the future.

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Multiplayer Character Classes
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DeadPhaker Dec 31 2010, 11:05am said:

hope there gonna be custom classes like in call of duty and not fixed ones like tf2...

+2 votes     reply to
thefrog Dec 31 2010, 12:06pm said:

I would almost go for the "both" aspect where you can have classes where their customizability are limited to that class

+1 vote     reply to
((;^GrimReaper^;)) Jan 29 2011, 9:22pm replied:

i would rather stick with the original crysis scheme...no classes..much funner that way

+1 vote     reply to
xXMaNiAcXx Apr 17 2011, 1:49pm replied:

That's where Custom gets in.

+1 vote     reply to
ponyus Jan 19 2011, 2:24pm said:

suit modules? whats that?

+1 vote     reply to
Astor Feb 27 2011, 7:09am replied:

You can upgrade your nanosuit with modules (like the weapons)

for example one module is that you can be longer in armor mode another would be a special attack when you jump, you can punch with power at the ground (area effect) and so on.

+1 vote     reply to
nubblecakes Mar 1 2011, 9:50pm said:

Played the demo for 5 minutes and uninstalled it. It's so much like Call of Duty that it makes me sick.

-3 votes     reply to
((;^GrimReaper^;)) Mar 2 2011, 9:47pm replied:

lets hope the single player isnt like that...i wish crytek would put prone back in..it really Object me off when i got a good spot but i cant lay down...stupid..i bet EA influenced on that...they seem to get less creative evryday

-1 votes     reply to
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Dec 30th, 2010
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