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Realm of Wretched Nightmares is a third-person horror experience set in a dreadful and hellish plane of existence.
Episode 1
Version 11

W A R N I N G : This game contains negative themes, nudity, and violence;
as well as geometrical anomalies and sacred patterns.

Double-Clicking the RoWN executable will allow you to enter the Realm of Wretched Nightmares.

Version 12 coming 02/02/2016

Controls -
WASD or Arrow Keys -to move
Move the Mouse -to look/turn
Left-Click or Control -to attack
Shift -to walk
C -to crouch
Escape -to exit; but that doesn't mean they won't c o m e w i t h y o u

  • Sacred
  • Hello from bellow
  • Deep Inside
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