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Croixleur is a high-speed, hack-and-slash arcade action game by the talented Japanese indie developer souvenir circ. Gameplay is reminiscent of the Devil May Cry series’ Bloody Palace mode as our protagonist, Lucrezia Visconti, battles her way through floors of ongoing monsters in a ritual called ‘the Adjuvant Trial’! Croixleur is currently on Steam Greenlight and Steam codes will be provided to anyone who purchases Croixleur through Desura prior to its Steam release! Please click link at the bottom of the Croixleur homepage and vote for Croixleur on Steam Greenlight!

Review RSS Feed Aurao says
10 Aurao

Great hack-and-slash game ^^

agylardi says
8 agylardi

Nice beat em up. I think more RPG elements could make it more interesting. It just annoying to keep dying on several levels. I guess it is just me that not good as before in playing this kind of game

Jac1002 says
10 Jac1002

Great action/arcadey game.Controls great,very replayable,great art.

Svardskampe says
1 Svardskampe

What has been said in the overall games. Just adding my 2 cents as it's really not deserving it's current score.

cyxceven says
8 cyxceven

After fixing the crash caused by a video codec choking on the souvenier circ. logo video, I was able to play again. So far it's a blast. This along with Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae are solid, fun indie wave combat arena games.

Gn0meSlice says
8 Gn0meSlice

Solid hack and slasher with a few minor issues.

The camera is uncooperative, the gamepad input has some weird issues reading diagonals, and you're forced to watch the opening sequence every time you play the story mode.

These problems don't take away from the game too much though if you're a keyboard user(although the controller input thing sort of ruins it for gamepad users like me), and what's left is an entertaining and frantic action game. Anyone who loves mindless violence and smashing things should give it a look.

BrothaKyo says
10 BrothaKyo

Simply stylish.

lifehunt says
7 lifehunt

The story mode is really short but there are other two modes. However, gameplay is the only thing that shines in this game, it is fast paced as well as fluid and challenging. It is worth it to play the game even after you finish the story to try out all the weapons.

isaacb142004 says
9 isaacb142004

Very fun game. I wish it was a bit longer and had more features in the game. Maybe online play with friends and huge boss fights(or more bosses). Over all a great game.

Slowcake says
8 Slowcake

Really Fun hack and slash action.

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