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Bounce! is a first-person puzzle-platform game. The game uses simple mechanics to give a fun easy to play game. Explore over 25+ levels over 130+ tasks. The game finally brings back the use of Colour!!.

RSS Feed Xmas Release :D

After 3 - 4 months of solid work on my Bounce! project version 0.5 (free) is finally ready for the public. The game is still in early beta stages for the free version. This is a early xmas present for everyone :D.

Posted by Kamikazi[Uk] on Dec 22nd, 2009


I announced Bounce! a few days ago and had quite abit of work to do on the game but spent all day today working on programming the interface and fixing some bugs and i feel as though the game is finally ready to be imported to the community. The game is still early beta stages but most gameplay features are finished.

This version is 0.5 of the Free version of the game which features the first Stage of the game (Space) it has 5 levels with almost 18 tasks. This release only has 1 mode which is you need to get through each level with a certain number of balls. I plan on adding more later but it will be mainly more modes on Paid version. This mode is very fun and addictive try and beat your personal best.


This version is early so please send me a email: the_green_machine@msn.com with any problems you have or feedback for the game. Please email me your high-scores with how many bullets you have at each level then i can adjust ammo accordantly. These levels are relativity easy but with the paid version there will be a new difficulty ("Extreme"). 

Download Bounce!

Bug: There is currently only 1 bug which is it gives you pistol to start of with i can't seem to fix atm but i will fix it in a later update. Just pickup the ball gun.

Also Don't Forget to Vote For Us For MOTY 2009!!

Thanks, Alot.
Happy Xmas :D.

Wiweeyum Dec 23 2009, 5:31am said:

Well that was fun. What do you want to know?

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bloodfan Dec 24 2009, 4:54pm replied:

I tried on 3 different machines, 2 of which are brand new. I get an error when starting saying "unable to initialize sound system, please upgrade your directx to something newer than march 2009."

All these machine play new games so I'm sure I have a latest version of directx. Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry i posted in a reply by accident.

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bloodfan Dec 24 2009, 5:05pm replied:

Nevermind, it was my fault :)

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erikmb Dec 27 2009, 2:25pm replied:

just go to direct x and download the latest :D

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Kimphoe Dec 23 2009, 10:29am said:

It was really fun but some levels were pretty hard :)

+1 vote     reply to
Kamikazi[Uk] Dec 23 2009, 4:43pm said:

Thanks Guys :D. I try make the levels easy lol but a lot of people say they are hard haha.

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whiplash308 Dec 24 2009, 11:59am said:

How does one install it? I downloaded it, but I just can't seem to get it :P

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Kamikazi[Uk] Dec 24 2009, 12:03pm said:


Download .zip
Extract to Pc
Open Folder and Run .Exe

System Spec:
CPU: atleast a 2.0ghz single/dual core.
RAM: 1 Gig
Graphics Card: Atleast a card with 9.0c dx and Pixel Shader 2.0
Operating System: Currently works on most windows but havn't tested on Mac


Kamikazi wrote:
After 3 - 4 months of solid work on my Bounce! project version 0.5 (free) is finally ready for the public. The game is still in early beta stages for the free version.
If you enjoy download paid version later next year for more levels, more modes and a whole lot of fun.

Please report any bugs etc.
All Content in This Build is Copyrighted. Do not attempt to use without full permission from team leader.

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MitchellS Dec 24 2009, 1:19pm said:

Lol cool

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infl1ct1on Dec 24 2009, 1:28pm said:

It was fun. Just a little typo I found though:


I think it should say "One Bounce to rule them all"

Can't wait to get some new levels though.

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Kamikazi[Uk] Dec 24 2009, 3:22pm said:

Oh yah thanks for pointing that out :D.

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Atus Dec 29 2009, 4:23pm said:

I still get the same error as BloodFan,and tried to DL latest DirectX but it still dosent work =S what should I do?

comp specs:
Win XP professional
AMD 2.6 GHz dual core processor
G Force 8500 - 512 Mb

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steamx Jul 29 2010, 7:00am said:

Demo unavailable, but there are news on the official homepage...at least :(

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