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What if the things in the night didn't just go bump? BlindSide is a terrifying new audio-only adventure game set in a world you'll never see! BlindSide uses custom audio algorithms to turn any pair of stereo headphones into simulated surround sound. Using only your ears, you’ll to learn how to explore the darkness and make your way through the fully physical world surrounding you. But watch out! There are monsters roaming the dark, and you must find a way to stay alive while trying to unravel the mystery of why you can no longer see. With over 1000 sound effects and pieces of dialogue, challenging gameplay, and a new level of audio-based horror, BlindSide presents the opportunity for both sighted and visually impaired gamers to enjoy an identically nightmare-inducing gameplay experience.

Winner of the 2013 Games for Change Festival's "Most Innovative" Award

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8 UncommonStuff

Spoiler Free

First things first...

A game without graphics! It's a difficult concept to sell without a playable demo. Hopefully the developers will rectify this shortly.

However, if you are like me, a game that relies solely on audio is intriguing. It's also very difficult to pull off. Thankfully there is a short tutorial that will guide you through the early stages.

You start in your apartment in an apparent power cut, but you soon realise that something a little more sinister is happening. As you begin to realise that you have gone blind, strange and disturbing noises break through the darkness.

I have to say that it was a little tricky at first, but it only goes to make the whole experience more authentic (how bruised would you be if you suddenly went blind?). Relying on sound alone to make your way through the world helps make this one of the most immersive game experiences. There is a UI on the screen which players may find helpful, sadly I found it distracting. It helped me to close my eyes and ignore everything apart from the sound. As soon as I did that I was making my way through in no time.

A few negatives

More than one voice over may be triggered at anyone time. This is really confusing.

The UI is a distraction. Maybe allow the player to turn it off completely.

The positives

Really well executed idea.
Great use of sound.
Very scary
and very VERY immersive!

8/10 - Great product for the price!

blindjustice15 says
7 blindjustice15

Excellent game for those who are into horror, but definitely not for the faint of heart. I would rate this game higher, but the monsters seem to move too quickly.

keaton0709 says
1 keaton0709

The game idea isn't really bad, but the failure to set up the atmosphere in the game led to it's immidiate failure. The voice acting is where is all crumbled, you take away all the visual scares and you are left with nothing to really pull you into this story that you're trying to set up with the voices of the characters, which sound like they're having more fun than they are trying to save their lives.

MiniMimi says
1 MiniMimi

This game is a joke. Avoid at all cost!
No graphics (not a surprise though lol). No option screen at all. VERY bad voice acting. Awful SFX. Bad gameplay mechanics (dying 15 times to cross a street is no fun. Or constantly using the help button to understand where to go is no fun either). SFX problems: example: at the beginning the tutorial says "You hear the TV statics? Use it as a guide." Except I didn't hear any statics. Because the music is way too loud... And there's no options screen to change the mixing. huh. So I was blind AND almost deaf. SFX were too low for me to hear. Mainly only heard the music (quickly boring). Couldn't raise the volume without having the music ripping my ears off. Thankfully I could clearly hear the voices. However I would have rather not hear them since the game is so badly acted that it's unbearable. The whole story is bad too, all the characters are badly designed too. Everything about this game is bad. I regret wasting 2 hours in it, trying to bear it with all its flaws.

criptych says
8 criptych

I've only gotten a short way in, so this isn't a final judgement; take that how you will. Most of my opinions have been expressed in some form in other reviews, so I'll just summarize:

- Interesting concept and story
- Good world mechanics; e.g. "scraping" along obstacles
- What you can't see really is that much scarier D:

- Unconvincing voice acting, characters sound very nonchalant
- Single character says multiple things at once
- Descriptions follow the object, not the speaker
- Unbalanced volume / lack of volume options

- UI is distracting; might be nicer if it showed subtitles for the dialog, or something. I eventually closed my eyes for the best effect.
- Not especially fond of the DOOM-style arrow controls, guess I'm just more used to mouselook+strafe.

Yes, I listed more cons than pros... but they're mostly little niggling details or technical issues, the voice acting is the only real downside.

Kutabure says
6 Kutabure

The game is a completely new idea and is presented in a great way. The sounds from the environment are easy to hear and really make you feel as if you are a part of the games world.

Unfortunately the voice acting destroys all of that every time a character says something. They don't act like they are scared, or in a strange situation. They bring nothing to the game itself and really take you out of the whole experience.

This game could really be something special if the voice actors would actually act in any way shape or form. The game itself is great, but since it is all based on audio I have to give it a much lower score than I would have liked. Definitely worth giving it a shot. I hope the next chapter doesn't ultimately disappoint though because of sub par voice acting.

SunNoise says
10 SunNoise

Very nice game! I wish there were more games like this where you could close your eyes.

FallingStar0280 says
8 FallingStar0280

No spoilers.

First off, if you're using desktop speakers I'd avoid this; you really do need headphones to track the audio cues.

A very interesting concept for a game, using just audio and your imagination to tell the story. I got a bit of a Stephen King vibbe from the story. The actual execution of the game would likely score a few points lower for me, but the concept and fun factor was enough for a better than a sum of its parts 8/10 for me.

The game was a first episode, and fairly short, and completely linear from what I could tell. Perhaps two hours, depending on how good you are at picking out audio cues. Again, I enjoyed it for what it was, and it kept my interest. The way the game was laid out might have gotten a bit repetitive if the game had been too much longer.

My biggest gripe was that for a game all about sound, the audio didn't feel balanced well. If I had the volume up to hear the environmental cues, the narration was over loud. Or the attenuation of sounds, which at times felt very odd and even disorienting. Some of this likely has to do with the variations in audio systems, but some sort of setup guide before the game to adjust volumes, or even an equalizer would have been excellent.

If you're looking for a story driven experience, and told in a much different way than most PC games, BlindSide is definitely worth a try.

al53guy says
8 al53guy

love the idea, love the little bit i've played, love almost everything about this game. worst thing i can say is you need some good headphones as the game is played entirly by ear.

Tatatofly says
10 Tatatofly

Nice and unique

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