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Bean's Quest is a gorgeous 2D platformer with a twist! Emilio has been cursed and his girlfriend kidnapped! Transformed by dark magic into a jumping bean, Emilio must bounce his way to victory through 50 levels spread over 5 worlds. Can Emilio rescue his one true love and find his missing pet axolotls?

Bean's Quest is for Windows, Linux, Linux64 and MacOS X!

Review RSS Feed cyberkiller40 says
9 cyberkiller40

Awesome platformer with stunning graphics and fun nonfrustyrating gameplay. Only the constant jumping by the character takes a moment to get used to.

BiskutMentega says
7 BiskutMentega

Quite fun. I'm not good with games where every moves counts and time completion is recorded +hidden stuff all around the level. Got it this game during the giveaway (Thanks devs!).

And of all the things, why a jumping bean? I'm sure the evil wizard can do better. It was cute tough. :)

ZrWitt says
10 ZrWitt

I like the artwork

elkangaroo says
10 elkangaroo

Cute, hard, addictive, frustrating... awesome 2D platformer!

randomisedx says
9 randomisedx

Bright, addictive, fun, frustrating and infuriating

MajesticManson says
10 MajesticManson

Reddit :D 10/10

redwulf85 says
8 redwulf85

A real fun game - a pleasure to play. Had me swearing at some bits though :P Loved it.

ZekThePenguin says
9 ZekThePenguin

Imaginative game. I LOVE how fun this game is even with simple controls. The only beef I have is that some of the platforms blend into the background. That's it! Terrific music, cute graphics, and cross-platform to boot! Thumbs up!

Z3RO_DoMiNoEZ says
10 Z3RO_DoMiNoEZ

Brilliant Game, Good for when your bored also have it on my Ipod Touch

Closer76a says
9 Closer76a

Colorful graphics, and interesting gameplay. You 'hop' the whole game, which makes it certainly a very unique platformer. If you simply played through, this game wouldn't take more than a few hours, but you'd be missing the point. The levels, in general, are easy, but each level has three challenges (collect gems, basically this games coins), find 1 Axolotl, and finish the level under a certain amount of 'hops'. Each one is generally challenging, and usually one of each of them is very difficult to downright grueling to do, but the colorful atmosphere and the playful nature of the game never really get you that angry. This is gaming frustration at its finest! If you're someone who likes challenges in a platformer, then get this.

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