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In the not-so-far year of 20XX, demonic revolution has begun.

When her boyfriend gets kidnapped by the queen of a succubus force, Pecan’s adventure for love, justice and divine punishment begins! She transforms into the Buxom and Brave Banzai Pecan, with the strength of ten-thousand men and the power of a Goddess hell-bent on Justice! She will stop at nothing until she regains her love and justice!

- IF IT MOVES, BEAT IT SENSELESS! Time your Strikes and throw out a arsenal of hand-to-hand combat with burning frenzy!

- WHEN IN DOUBT, DODGE, AND THEN COUNTER! Use the Dodge function to flow your evasive moments, waiting to counter!

- FEEL THE FIRE IN YOUR BODY AND UNLEASH DIVINE RETRIBUTION! When your rage burns in your body, unleash your Banzai Shinken moves to obliterate all that stand in your way!


*Minimum requirements*

CPU Speed: Pentium 4 (1Ghz or newer )
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Direct X 9.0 +

  • July 16th - Happy Birthday, Lemon-Lime!
  • June 29th - Happy Birthday, Sister Spearmint!
  • May 5 - Happy Birthday, Spicy Jalapina
  • 1.2.8. Update
  • 1.2.8. Update
  • 1.2.8. Update
  • 1.2.8. Update
Back by popular demand, Banzai Pecan is now on Steam Greenlight!


Back by popular demand, Banzai Pecan is now on Steam Greenlight!

Because the gamers asked and asked and asked, you can now vote for Pecan to be on Steam!

Jul 3, 2014 News
Happy Holidays! Here comes a quick Update!


Happy Holidays! Here comes a quick Update!

Thanks to some feedback, we're doing a quick update: The Velvet Mars Update.

Dec 21, 2013 News
Banzai Pecan included in Indie Bundle!


Banzai Pecan included in Indie Bundle!

Enjoy three amazing anime based games, including Banzai Pecan, and support two alphas!

Sep 10, 2013 News
Happy 1st Year, BANZAI PECAN!


Happy 1st Year, BANZAI PECAN!

What a crazy cool ride...! Happy 1st Year to Banzai Pecan!

Aug 31, 2013 News
Quick Fix - 1.2.6 Update is here!


Quick Fix - 1.2.6 Update is here!

Some performance tweaks, helping to make the game run faster and perform better overall!

Jun 27, 2013 News
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demontrace Jul 10 2014, 1:48am said: Online

I've had the game for a bit, just now going to finally download and install it here. Is there any upgrading, or learning new moves as the game goes on? Or do you pretty much start off in the same shape as you will be by the end of the game?

+1 vote     reply to
BrothaKyo Jul 10 2014, 2:36pm replied:

You learn new finishers, and Full Meter Moves as it progresses, even unlocking an all new perk that essentially acts as a [redacted].

You do start off with a handful of moves, but pretty much learn more as you progress.

+1 vote     reply to
shadow1w2 May 16 2014, 6:34pm said:

Bought the game bundle it was in mainly for this game.
Those other steam games look okay I guess.

First impressions:
Can't bind gamepad to d-pad! So I reprogram a gamepad to keyboard keys and get out the old arcade stick why not. (Wii Hori stick, good stuff)
Start game and pick a difficulty.
Assume modern difficulty standards, "Baby, Button mash insta win, Somewhat normal", actual difficulty levels "Casual, 90s Normal, 90s unfair you gonna die a lot mode", okay, that's good.
First enemy I run into on Red difficulty is a boss, I quickly learn how to string a combo by canceling it into another combo. (Press down after two hits then let go after three hits, rinse repeat to keep enemy from attacking)
Then enemy boss uses a kick move that removes a good chunk a health.
Wasn't until I learned to press a button at the right time to get into a power struggle then thought I couldn't button mash it enough until I learned I was using the wrong button.
Finally beat that got to some regular enemies and learned I have to dodge more.
I think I had fun with that heh.... still dying a lot, refuse to goto normal mode lol.

Not a bad beat em up at all with a fluid and large attack system. Including grab moves.

Suggestions, add a way to configure controls for users who can't reprogram controls on the fly on a whim just for one game.
Also game reminds me of Ninja Warriors Again with its one lane walk forward and fight style.
Oh and nice intro, (gameplay clips are really small though) love to see intros like that.

+2 votes     reply to
shadow1w2 May 16 2014, 7:06pm replied:

Quick update, found the control config.
Its Multimedia fusion standard player controls so naturally no d-pad setup.
This is hard to get around on the developer's end once its all programed in.
So best for players to just use joytokey or other joystick to keyboard remapping programs for this game.
There are ways to add better joystick options though just no easy ones, so consider it if ya find it.
Only five buttons and no analogs so not hard for users to reprogram.
Joy2key, Xpadder, Glovepie, DS3 tool, Better DS3, Wiimouse etc are all good tools for this on the gamers/client end.

+1 vote     reply to
BrothaKyo May 16 2014, 9:15pm replied:

Good call, as Ninjawarriors/Ninjawarriors Again was a major influence.

Yeah, around the time of doing the original engine for this, I was still new to some control tricks so they're a bit weird. Luckily, I've learned quite a bit for the next project to avoid that chaos again.

+1 vote     reply to
ViperAcidZX May 31 2014, 1:42am replied:

You should check out Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force if you get the chance, preferably the Sharp X68000 version or the TurboGrafx-16 CD/PC Engine CD port. Its kinda like The Ninja Warriors Again but with Street Fighter II-ish gameplay and mechas.

+1 vote     reply to
shadow1w2 May 17 2014, 5:47am replied:

Good to hear.
Dunno why MMF never put a ton of priority on gamepad support in the first place but at least there's plenty of plugins for that.

Best of luck on the next project btw. :P

+2 votes     reply to
ThreeSon May 16 2014, 6:22pm replied:

Thank you. I don't think the game is really my sort though after playing for a bit, so if either fix ends up being too much trouble, I would say don't worry about it.

+1 vote     reply to
BrothaKyo May 16 2014, 9:24pm replied:

Eh, to each their own. Pecan was meant as a HUGE huge throwback to 80s brawlers, right down to the annoying points, which in a sense made me happy but a bit irked since I wanted that down to a "T". The fact you tried it at all is more than enough.

+1 vote     reply to
ThreeSon May 16 2014, 11:59pm replied:

Sure. Mostly it's just quite hard and seems to value very nimble button dexterity, which isn't something I can depend on in my old age. :)

I still enjoy side-scrolling brawlers along the lines of Turtles in Time/Streets of Rage and such, but Banzai is quite a bit faster than those.

+2 votes     reply to
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