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Astralia is a top down space shooter with RTS elements, you fly around shooting up monsters, at the same time commanding a team of drone fighters and capital ships, and gathering resources. The gameplay requires both reflexes and tactical thinking, effective use of the allied ships and resource management are essential to playing and winning the game, if you don't pay attention to that the A.I. will make short work of you.

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Xbox360 game owners get the PC version for free, new game guide and reviews.

Posted by astroboid on Oct 21st, 2011

I have a few things and I thought I'd roll them all in a single post.

So, first, for those who have already bought Astralia on the Xbox360, I have something for you. I will give a free PC key to the first 50 people that send me a private message, all you have to do is include some kind of proof that you own the Xbox game, right now I'm thinking a screenshot showing your Xbox account with the game listed next to the Desura account (two browser windows side by side, upload the image to imgur or some other site and send me the link). If anyone can suggest a better way of doing this, please do so.

For those playing the game, some players seem to have gotten stuck at various stages, the game can be challenging and that's really on purpose, there's nothing wrong with harder games (but Astralia is now that hard, really). Anyway I made a game guide thingy so if you have any problems take a look at it, it is but a click away. I've also added a short gameplay mechanics movie at the end of the post,  it may also help clearing up things.

Unlike the Xbox version where I have to jump a number of hoops to publish any updates, I can add new things easily to the PC version, if you have any suggestions let me know, there's a good chance it will be included with the next patch.

And lastly, the game's been out for a while now and has gotten decent reviews, here are some, take a look so that you know what to expect.

Brash Games - [...] the battles get bigger, new build options become available and the story unfolds at an enjoyable pace that throws in interesting new characters and situations that give Astralia an edge over even some bigger budget titles available.
Fangwheel - "Astralia is one of those rewarding experiences; every facet of the game is beautiful [...]  Seriously, who hates great games that have a new take on an iconic genre?"
digitallydownloaded.net -"a well made, addictive, and surprisingly deep game that will have you playing 'one more level' for quite some time"
OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno - "50% Shmup & 50% Strategy [...] The graphics, and sound of Astralia are amazing. I found everything about the game to be of top quality. For an XBLIG it definitely offered an in-depth story"
Kotaku’s Indie Picks - "Astralia confused the hell out of me at first, but [...] the game is pretty enjoyable. You [...] blast the living hell out of anything you don't like the look of."

tritian May 7 2013, 5:10am said:

Hey, I've owned Astralia on Indievania for quite some time now (it was actually the reason I started checking out games on Indievania) and I was wondering if the same thing goes for owning it on Indievania, to get a key for Desura. I tend to forget about Indievania and try to keep track of all my games with Desura and Steam, that's the only reason I ask. Thanks for a great game and keep up the good work!

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