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Arkhelom 3D is a 3d shmup with insane action. It combines horizontal, vertical and side-scrolling levels, + 70 enemies types and final bosses, 23 amazing levels.

Review RSS Feed choephix says
10 choephix

Do not know who gave this game a rating of 1, but it does not deserve it!

Ronsn says
9 Ronsn

I'm excited.
varied level, fast gameplay, the graphic is ok, the sound is good but too hard in the fx area. the type of gameplay is not new, but unlike some other shmups better.
some times a bit confusing when the shots of the enemies and their own fill the screen.
simply a good action shooter. for playtime and good setting a price about of € 5 would be ok.
btw: sometimes in offer for a very good price! i like arkhelom

kewlbns69 says
6 kewlbns69

played the demo i'll give it a 6 for having potential but no gamepad support is a deal breaker for me as these kinds of games are just cumbersome to play keyboard/mouse

merph518 says
1 merph518

Got the game in a bundle a while back and finally installed it yesterday, but I couldn't stomach playing more than 5 mins. Very buggy, low resolution. Trying to open the options screen, the game kept crashing. Once I finally got into it, I was disappointed by the lack of options.

irogue says
4 irogue

Lacking options, is what detracts from giving this game a 8.5

The game play itself is fun nothing that is ground breaking but just simple shootem up fun.

Toyotame says
5 Toyotame

This gamr have much more interesting screenshots then gameplay. I tried it and...gameplay is not balanced, and erratic. no gamepad support. Not impressed.

Zavarka says
1 Zavarka

it LOOKS very bad and animation is really bad too

nexus360 says
6 nexus360

Feb 7th, 2014

No review provided

densylkin says
10 densylkin

Jun 1st, 2012

No review provided

dayglowill says
8 dayglowill

May 28th, 2012

No review provided

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