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Turn Based Tactics

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Conquer the super-continent of Pangea with an invasion of Airships!
Battle Dastardly Pirate Insurgents!
Keep the locals happy or they will be revolting!

Key Game Features:
Turn-based squad tactical combat with emergent gameplay

2 massive strategic campaigns featuring resource, technology and population management
Campaigns are randomized on creation for infinite replayability
Single Battle Mode for getting straight into tactical action
No two games the same

20 battlefields
Randomized deployment on battlefields
5 types of environment with environmental modifiers
3 types of battlefield objectives
4 types of weather

Enemy Ai with 11 different combat tactics
5 Ai campaign strategies
7 classes of troops, each with 4 upgrades of weapons/equipment
Troops have unique attributes which are upgraded with experience ... if they survive combat ...

6 playable Steampunk factions:
- Austro-Hungarian Empire
- British Royalists
- Chinese Dynasty
- Peoples Collective
- US Republic
- Zulu Nation

Airship Dragoon featured on IndieGameStand


Airship Dragoon featured on IndieGameStand

From Dec 14 - 17, pay what you want for "Airship Dragoon" with beat-the-average bonuses. 10% of all sales will go to the Help for Heroes charity.

Dec 14, 2013 News
Airship Dragoon Ships On Desura


Airship Dragoon Ships On Desura

Airship Dragoon has been released on Desura! It is best described as - and I quote - "It is turn-based strategy at its most hardcore". Airship Dragoon is a turn-based, global strategy and squad tactical...

Oct 15, 2013 News
Airship Dragoon Coming To Desura 14th October 2013


Airship Dragoon Coming To Desura 14th October 2013

Airship Dragoon is to be released on Desura on the 14th of October 2013. Airship Dragoon is an "X-Com style" squad tactics and global strategy game, set in a Steampunk world.

Oct 1, 2013 News
Comments  (0 - 10 of 52)
dawnstorme Mar 14 2015, 9:17am said:

How do I get a steam key for this game? I have a desura version...

+1 vote     reply to
Steve_Yorkshire Jun 30 2014, 12:20pm said:

A new version of AIrship Dragoon has been uploaded, it will take a few days to filter through the system though.
So whilst you're waiting, read the development blog about the update: Yorkshirerifles.blogspot.co.uk

+2 votes     reply to
dawnstorme Aug 26 2014, 3:55pm replied:

Can we get steam keys?

+2 votes     reply to
Steve_Yorkshire Aug 27 2014, 8:05am replied:

I'll look at sorting that out for those who purchased it through Desura. For those who got their Desura key from a bundle, the Steam key wll also be in that bundle.

+3 votes     reply to
Steve_Yorkshire Jan 27 2014, 6:16pm said:

All feedback welcomed. :)

Airship Dragoon Post Mortem - part 1 design concept.

+3 votes     reply to
Dubya2112 Jan 26 2014, 9:12pm said:

I'd like to see this game expanded. It's pretty fun as is, but the battles are a bit slow. Just moving each soldier takes awhile for him to walk to his destination. Either speeding up the walk speed or being able to move multiple soldiers at once (like issuing move order then switching to next and so on.)

The interface could be improved as well. It would be nice to have move as the defualt action or double click to move instead of having to click on the move button.

More variance between the soldiers would be cool as well. Sometimes im cycling through my soldiers to find a certain one and its difficult because they all look the same to begin with. More skin variance according to class or rank would be nice so you'd be able to identify them easier.

The battles could be mixed up a bit more. For example, if you were attacking a territory, the enemy could be deployed anywhere instead of just on the opposite edge of the map. Right now you can predict about how far it is before you will encounter the enemy, and they'll be on the left, right, or middle.

Last but not least, adding some more weapons and interesting gear would be cool, like different variations of armor or gear that would have different trade offs. Maybe in the future for an expansion you could add more things like steampunk tanks and have the whole anti armor aspect to the combat.

+2 votes     reply to
Queeg Jan 26 2014, 5:48pm said:

Very fun game. My only criticism is that the length of the tactical battles can make the campaign a chore. I'd like to see an autoresolve feature. Or even a setting to limit the size of campaign battles (like in the battle mode). Having to fight a series of 15-on-15 battles with pirates just to get started in the campaign is a bit much.

Wonderful game otherwise!

+1 vote     reply to
flagyl Dec 15 2013, 11:59am said:

Hey C...you may be having the same problem that I had/am having.. I am unable to launch Airship Dragoon (AD) using the Desura Client (you can look at my posts here).

What I did was to copy the AD folder and move it to another location (C/Games worked for me). It should work perfectly after you move it. Just run teh exe from teh new location.

I hope this helps.

+3 votes     reply to
cpholmes9 Dec 15 2013, 7:34pm replied: Online

It worked!! Thanks!

+1 vote     reply to
cpholmes9 Dec 15 2013, 7:33pm replied: Online

I moved entire folder to desktop, and launches no problem. NO idea why, but thanks!!!! Can't wait to sit down and play.

+1 vote     reply to
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