Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.
A Warrior, a Thief, and a Mage go on a journey to save the world by collecting three elemental treasures.
What’s that? You’ve heard it all before?

Tell me then…what happens next?

Join 3 unlikely heroes on a quest to save their world from a threat unlike any other!


- Classic Story with a Unique Twist!
- Vibrant, 8-Bit Inspired Graphics.
- Genuine NES-like Music with Retro Charm.
- Explore a vast world, packed with monsters, treasure, and more!
- Fly an Airship, Pilot a Snowcraft, or Travel by Whirlwind!
- Colour-based Element System adds an extra layer of Strategy to Battles.
- Discover Engaging Characters, and People with Personality.
- Enjoy an old school adventure!

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