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3089 is a futuristic, procedurally generated, open-world action role-playing game. All terrain, enemies, weapons, items, quests & more are uniquely generated. You are a promising robotic android design, made by the Overlord, placed on planet Xax. Your performance in common combat, support & intel scenarios is being closely watched. However, will you become too much for them to handle? What else on planet Xax exists that the Overlord doesn’t know about?

Towns Key Giveaway [EXPIRED]
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Phr00t May 7 2013, 8:24pm Anchor
This giveaway has expired -- thank you to all who entered!

3089 & Towns are doing a key giveaway!

Haven't heard of Towns?

Towns brings a fresh new take on the citybuilding/management genre by introducing many RPG features. Drawing inspiration from games such as Diablo, Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress, the game has you managing a settlement on top of an active dungeon. Instead of playing the hero who delves deep into the dungeon, how about playing the town that houses and caters to the hero's needs? Both the RPG and strategic aspects will be fleshed out over a series of sprawling dungeons. Craft unique weapons, obtain randomized loot and build a settlement capable of holding back the forces that come up from the depths!


To enter to win a free key for Towns, post something you like about the game below. We will continue to pick winners among posters until we close the giveaway!

Want a free 3089 key? Enter over on the Towns forum:

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fierywater May 7 2013, 10:42pm Anchor

(Is this the right place?) It looks deep but not overly inaccessible.

Edit: To go into a bit more detail, I've always been a fan of the Dwarf Fortress concept but I've never felt like I've had the time to get to learn it thoroughly. Towns looks easier to get into while still being a lot of fun.

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Phr00t May 7 2013, 10:46pm Anchor

This is the right place to enter for a free Towns key! Thank you for your entry :-)

DrMage May 7 2013, 10:59pm Anchor

I've been keeping my eye on Towns for a while now, and I think it's turning out to be a pretty neat little game. Defiantly has its roots in Dwarf Fortress but looks a lot cleaner and a hell of a lot more accessible.

shanestrife May 7 2013, 11:37pm Anchor

Ooh! I want 3089!

gameswarp May 7 2013, 11:43pm Anchor

Looks cool... will review them when I can.

AHrEJl May 7 2013, 11:43pm Anchor

I love Dwarf Fortress and this game "Towns" is good alternative. I have Gnomoria on the steam, if i win "Towns" -  this is all what i want add now to steam collection.

Learz May 7 2013, 11:47pm Anchor

I could be defined as invisible on the internet, but I can win Towns so I'll make an exception! I'm following it since it was a flat world and had a nearly non-existent interface :P I've played Dwarf fortress a lot and this game looks very promising!

nohero May 8 2013, 12:12am Anchor

Towns really looks like it's shaping to be a nice game! I really like how it's trying to make an awesome management/survival/exploration type game which are all aspects that I love in video games. I really like the city-building aspect of the game and hope it gets fleshed out (along with the rpg side).

letsmaybeLP92 May 8 2013, 12:16am Anchor

Towns looks nice, it seems to be like a exploration game/ management game on the scale of gnomoria, but much better.

Nikolater May 8 2013, 12:27am Anchor

What I really like about towns is that it brings people into dwarf fortress type games by making it easier to get into. It has a nice easy on the eyes graphics,which many people have complained about the ASCII graphics of DF,  and since you can see and feel more connected to the people living in your town it creates a unique immersive experience and the need to protect them from all of those baddies!

raistand May 8 2013, 12:58am Anchor

When I look at "Towns" it reminds me "Simcity 2000" one of the best city builders game ever. But "Towns" looks much more complicated and fun. I really want to have Towns in my steam library.

clonemaster May 8 2013, 1:22am Anchor

After playing many different rpg games, i always wondered  what it would be like to cater a whole towns well being to a heroes journey sim city style. I hope to get that chance someday. :D

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mcgbull May 8 2013, 1:34am Anchor

towns looks pretty awesome, played the predecessors to 3089 expecting great things to come!

blankerer May 8 2013, 2:44am Anchor

You don't need axes to chop down trees for wood or any other tool.

theshodan May 8 2013, 3:00am Anchor

You can never have enough tile based randomized chaos generators of death and glory.  Long Live the Roguelike.  It is also nice to see a DF derivative that doesn't pull punches either.

777HEADSHOOT777 May 8 2013, 3:22am Anchor

I've liked demo of Towns a lot. Would be very pleased to have full version + 3089.

tootellj May 8 2013, 3:29am Anchor

I love that underground sieges has been added in the latest patch, keep up the great work

davidfellipeluz May 8 2013, 3:35am Anchor

I like how i can alter the landscape to fit my town and building things... i spend a good time doing this... :)

partDigital May 8 2013, 5:10am Anchor

Towns rocks (other meterials are also avaliable) :)
A highly constructive game that challenges you evey step of the way, being able to see the product of your work is very satisfying indeed. Depth not offered by many games out there and a welcome addition to anyones games library.

The best of luck to the Towns team as it is much deserved, same goes for Phr00t.

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tates11 May 8 2013, 5:16am Anchor

This is the kind of game that I am eagerly waiting to be made, RPG and a mix of RTS... looking forward on playing the actual game >.<

Ashkandi May 8 2013, 5:27am Anchor

I like the system of the armors, weapons and monsters. It's a pretty unique way of progress in a city simulation game, getting better and better tier of weapons and dig deeper and deeper in the dungeon.

krzysio664 May 8 2013, 6:17am Anchor

Towns is perfect simulation of human settlement. Get resources, Craft, Build and Explore your own town of dreams. You can decide how your community will grow, by harvest, mine or farm. It's your choice. You are a boss. The most what I like in this game is that you control everything, you can go underground or stay on ground, you can build buildings how you want to so you don't have to use building template.

Namelessness May 8 2013, 6:20am Anchor

Comment removed by author.

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wareye May 8 2013, 7:06am Anchor

building your own town!... and watching it burn. :flame:
I'm a fan of dwarf fortress and had some perfect moments of FUN.
But i like how towns goes it own direction and adds some surprising nice features, for example heroes.
Not to mention that the isometrics graphics are nice and easy to look upon.
continue working on a great game.

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