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3079 is a futuristic, open-world action first-person role playing game. You arrive on a planet experiencing constant war. It is your duty to find out why the warring factions cannot find peace on their own & hopefully restore it yourself. All areas, buildings, items, quests and characters are randomly generated. You will find unique lands & challenges. I hope you enjoy it!

"Just want to say again that this is a great game! For those of you who feel like its a minecraft copy just beacuse of the cube textures used you really need to rethink what a game is about! The game play of 3079 is nothing like minecraft it is pretty unique as well as how the weapons all have diffrent stats and colors kind of reminds me of Borderlands. However it is still an original idea for a game and i still play it from time to time. You should at least try the demo and if you like it please buy it and support fruit! :D Still give it a 9/10 !
Best Regards,
Adam" -- SeaNanners

Sequel @ 3089game.wordpress.com

RSS Feed 3079 Updated -- New content & fixes!

v2.17.2 is up, and big improvements include a new quest to take over enemy forts, a new "minifighter vendor" block to buy ships for your fortress, improved textures and inventory graphics.

Posted by Phr00t on Apr 18th, 2012

Surprise! The next update is coming early!

Big improvements include a new quest type that allows you to take over an enemy fort by killing all nearby enemies and accessing the fort's computer. There also is a new "minifighter vendor" block that players can build. You can use this new block to purchase minifighters for your fortress! :-)

Other notable improvements include a new leaves texture, improvements to the construction tool & building block's construction accuracy, and merchant's inventory generation. You may also notice better looking inventory graphics for the swords & shotguns.

Complete list of changes:
* New quest to take over enemy forts!
* New "Miniship Vendor" block: purchase minifighters for your fortress!
* Leaves texture redone
* Inventory items will now be scaled correctly (e.g. no more stretched out shotguns & swords)
* Fixed a multiplayer map crash
* Improved the placement accuracy of the construction tool & building blocks
* Dieing targets will now become slightly transparent and red
* Item descriptions are now sorted better
* Merchants now have a better variety of items for sale
* Satchel bombs will now properly destroy brick and concrete
* You should no longer immediately punch after placing your last building block
* Made a tweak that should hopefully fix the remaining multiplayer character synchronization bug
* Energy stat increase will now happen less for small energy brownouts
* You will no longer lose credits when dieing in the air on a new game
* Slightly decreased armor defensive points (should help damage balancing later in the game)
* Slightly lowered item resale rate
* If you make your saved game directory hidden (.3079Saves), 3079 will use it properly now
* Decreased the Demon's ambient sound volume a bit

mooman101jl Apr 18 2012, 10:28pm said:

sweet thanks phr00t!

+1 vote     reply to
Kuruku Apr 18 2012, 11:22pm said:

Definitely liking this update. Lots of much needed fixes and cool features here.

+6 votes     reply to
Tyolos Apr 19 2012, 12:20am said:


+1 vote     reply to
RaiseoHitsu Apr 19 2012, 1:15am said:

Are you Object kidding me? That update really hits the spot! You rock! Thanks :D

+1 vote     reply to
BanditPanda Apr 19 2012, 3:15am said:

Wow man, Your poop'ing these updates out like a steam machine!

+1 vote     reply to
Rallehop Apr 19 2012, 7:21am said:

Bottom update is the best... Those Demons sounds was loud as hell.

+1 vote     reply to
garrettcolas Apr 19 2012, 1:21pm said:

Phroot updating like a boss.

+4 votes     reply to
VandalSQ Apr 19 2012, 2:21pm said:

Kepp going , you are doing a verry nice work !

+1 vote     reply to
Wasserstern Apr 19 2012, 3:36pm said:

Youre freaking fast Phr00t!
Great job :D

0 votes     reply to
player100 Apr 19 2012, 11:14pm said:

AWESOME, update,update after another update i wanna another, suprise me!

+1 vote     reply to
XxMinecraftxX Apr 20 2012, 12:44am replied:

Cool can you put in a boss after every quest

+1 vote     reply to
Milotiz100 May 2 2012, 8:32am said:

i have demo

+1 vote     reply to
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