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3079 is a futuristic, open-world action first-person role playing game. You arrive on a planet experiencing constant war. It is your duty to find out why the warring factions cannot find peace on their own & hopefully restore it yourself. All areas, buildings, items, quests and characters are randomly generated. You will find unique lands & challenges. I hope you enjoy it!

"Just want to say again that this is a great game! For those of you who feel like its a minecraft copy just beacuse of the cube textures used you really need to rethink what a game is about! The game play of 3079 is nothing like minecraft it is pretty unique as well as how the weapons all have diffrent stats and colors kind of reminds me of Borderlands. However it is still an original idea for a game and i still play it from time to time. You should at least try the demo and if you like it please buy it and support fruit! :D Still give it a 9/10 !
Best Regards,
Adam" -- SeaNanners

Sequel @ 3089game.wordpress.com

RSS Feed 3079 Multiplayer Fixes Coming!

3079 had some big multiplayer bugs, but they will be fixed in the upcoming release in a few days. Other goodies are coming too!

Posted by Phr00t on Feb 15th, 2012

Hey all -- I wanted to acknowledge the multiplayer bugs being seen when clients connect to servers. People have been reporting terrain not being loaded, or people getting disconnected before they can even play. There was a problem with how the server managed the terrain over time -- I believe to have them fixed in my development version and you all should expect the update to roll out in a few days!

Lots of other goodies will be included in the version, including new textures (which are currently in progress, as seen in the screenshot) and fixes to the AI! Thank you for your support!

DaMisk Feb 15 2012, 8:39pm said:

Finally! Multiplayer! New stuff! Keep up the good work Phr00t!

+5 votes     reply to
*Don* Feb 15 2012, 9:51pm said:

"3079 Multiplayer Fixes Coming!"

Thats a lot of fixes!

+4 votes     reply to
Phr00t Feb 16 2012, 8:30am replied: +3 votes     reply to
Wasserstern Feb 19 2012, 6:33am replied:

Wait! Are you a brony?!?

+1 vote     reply to
megaminecraft39 Feb 15 2012, 10:58pm said:

you need to add more depth to the world and you need to add a crafting system of some sort

+4 votes     reply to
Phr00t Feb 16 2012, 8:34am replied:

I'd like to prioritize features that give my game a unique sense of depth... crafting is a bit too "minecrafty" for me. However, there may be a way to introduce a mechanic like crafting, that feels nothing like Minecraft.

+1 vote     reply to
megaminecraft39 Feb 15 2012, 11:02pm said:

i see loads of potential in this game one other thing u should add is where you can make an army and level them up and customize there weapons. i love ur game phr00t

+3 votes     reply to
Phr00t Feb 16 2012, 8:33am replied:

Thanks man. Interesting ideas you have :-)

+1 vote     reply to
VegBerg Feb 16 2012, 4:26am said:

Nice work Phr00t!

I'm still stuck trying to mod :P

+1 vote     reply to
Chosenlama Feb 16 2012, 6:55am said:

will be there a custom skin function?
cuz your skin is not the "default"

+3 votes     reply to
Phr00t Feb 16 2012, 8:32am said:

Custom skins are on the to-do list, but you *can* replace the images inside the JAR file now manually.

+1 vote     reply to
Swawa3D Feb 18 2012, 10:57pm said:

Here are instructions on how to mod skins. You might want to wait a few days for the updated game as the textures and UV maps have changed and improved.

1. navigate to your 3079 lib directory, example: C:\Program Files\Desura\Common\3079\lib
2. make a backup of the original file assets.jar & keep it untouched in case you need to revert back.
3. rename the current assets.jar to assets.zip.
4. navigate the zip file to find the image you want to replace.
5. edit the image and then save it in the same size and format
6. repackage the zip file with your new file and rename it back to assets.jar and your done.

NOTE: A random color tint is applied to character textures. It is probably best to keep those images greyscale but you can try experimenting with color. If you do not want the tint applied to a specific area (like teeth & eyes) just add a little transparency (20% works) to that part of the image. The final result will not be transparent (unless it's a demon), it is just used to turn off the tint. The format must be PNG-24 w/transparency for the mask to work. You can Google a tutorial if you don't know how to work with PNG transparency.

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killking12 Apr 21 2012, 7:06pm said:


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