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3079 is a futuristic, open-world action first-person role playing game. You arrive on a planet experiencing constant war. It is your duty to find out why the warring factions cannot find peace on their own & hopefully restore it yourself. All areas, buildings, items, quests and characters are randomly generated. You will find unique lands & challenges. I hope you enjoy it!

"Just want to say again that this is a great game! For those of you who feel like its a minecraft copy just beacuse of the cube textures used you really need to rethink what a game is about! The game play of 3079 is nothing like minecraft it is pretty unique as well as how the weapons all have diffrent stats and colors kind of reminds me of Borderlands. However it is still an original idea for a game and i still play it from time to time. You should at least try the demo and if you like it please buy it and support fruit! :D Still give it a 9/10 !
Best Regards,
Adam" -- SeaNanners

Sequel @ 3089game.wordpress.com

My suggestions
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Kleshar Feb 3 2012, 9:10am Anchor

Hi phr00t! I'm a new user, Kleshar!
I just tried 3079 demo... It's just FANTASTIC and I want congratulate myself with you for what you've done with this little masterpiece. 
Even if it is Great, I managed to find some flaws... I would like to give you some general suggestions, can I?

1) Targeting allies/enemies should be more clear. For example I'd like to see a friendly icon on my allies because i can't understand sometimes who are my allies and I end killing accidentally them  lot of times during battles, when there are lot of NPCs fighting
(So I'll also turn hostile their faction against me) .
2) Can you refine the Textures on the enemies'/creatures' faces, please? They are horrible(no offence intended about your great work on the game). I mean... this is a 3d-blocking-cartoonish game and I would like to see nicer/better faces: Enemies' faces now are very ugly and disturbing, it seems like they've been badly ripped off from real life and pasted into the game.
3) Can you change the melee Sprite? It looks ugly. Remove the sprite and set the 3D "block" hand of the character when punching enemies. 
4) Full character customization... but I think you'll include it very soon (:

This is everything for now, I will continue playing the demo and surely buy the full version. If I have other suggestions, I will write them here (:

Waiting for your message,

Edited by: Kleshar

Phr00t Feb 3 2012, 1:25pm Anchor

Hey Kleshar,

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm glad you are enjoying the demo. :) 

1) Hrm, this is tricky. I currently have an indicator for "followers" (e.g. people who you've asked to help you out). If I had an indicator on all Humoids (or Neanders, if you are friendly with them) -- the screen would get pretty clustered. Anyone attacking you, or previously attacking you, will have a red or orange indicator -- could you try and focus on just shooting people that have these indicators? Also, take note of the position of the character's head -- you start friendly with the "heads on top" guys, so don't shoot them :)

2) I had a texture artist, Deon from Bay12, make me these faces (along with the other textures). Can you provide an example of the kind of faces you would prefer to see?

3) Yeah, the melee fist is relatively ugly -- I just don't have something better to replace it with yet, and making 3D models for the held items isn't as simple as it may appear... I'm working on it, though.

4) You mean customizing the way you look..? You never see yourself in single player, but other players see you in multiplayer. I currently have it generate a random model based on your name, which I think is a pretty neat feature. However, I also understand people like using skins to customize their look... I can get to this, and depending on how highly requested it is relative to other features, I may get to it sooner :-)

Thanks again,
- Phr00t

Kleshar Feb 3 2012, 3:55pm Anchor

Hey Phr00t!
Thank you for reading and answering to my thread, you really proved to be very close to your fanbase (: ! These days game makers aren't always so nice like you ^_^.So let's start:
1) I've never noticed the things you mentioned... now life is easier! Thank you! The red and orange indicators saved me : P! 
2 & 3) I'm sorry if I wrote stuff about in-game graphics: I'm always the last who complains about graphics because, in my opinion, this is not an important factor to evaluate a game. But... I think some elements can ruin the in-game atmosphere, in every game. So that's why i suggested you to change the faces( I don't want to insult your fantastic graphics work Deon, forgive me  >_<). Look, i managed to find something interesting about faces' differences on some youtube videos:

 faces BEFORE
User Posted Image

faces NOW

User Posted Image

The Ugliest in my opinion

User Posted Image

I do really prefer the old faces which are almost perfect (:
The new ones are disturbing...

Ok, i really want to see how you'll improve the punching system ^_^!

4) Yes, exactly! Multiplayer customization! look: I know Minecraft and  everything about it but I don't enjoy it as a game because it quickly gets boring in my opinion... not the kind of game where I would spend my money.  But... I think that its multiplayer character customization is very nice! It would be a fantastic feature to see on 3079!

Thank you again for hearing me (:
Waiting for your message,


Edited by: Kleshar

Phr00t Feb 3 2012, 4:35pm Anchor

"Ok, i really want to see how you'll improve fisting ^_^!"

There is a quote that I wouldn't want taken out of context. :D 

You are not a fan of the constipated blockhead, huh? :P I'm curious on what other players think -- new faces, how would you compare them to the old faces? I like the detail with the new faces, as I don't really want a cartoon theme -- but I don't want my players to think the faces are ugly either. Detail has been increased in lots of other areas, so I don't think the old faces would really "fit" anymore... :S

Kleshar Feb 3 2012, 5:05pm Anchor

sorry, i fixed that as quickly as I could ROFLMAO!
You know... i just really would like to see some little changes and that's all ^^
Choosing what to do on your game depends entirely on you, I don't want to teach you how to make games: don't get me wrong Phr00t :P
I will correct myself, in the right way: I don't want cartoonish/silly/ugly/lovecraftian faces, just something nicer than the ones we've now :) ( In the third image i sent to you the monster looks like a constipated old man who is suffering in pain... talking about constipated LOL)

Waiting for your message,

Edited by: Kleshar

freddy705 Feb 3 2012, 5:46pm Anchor

Ofc this is just in Alpha now. Bought the game and i hope you will keep this game alive!
Really liked the way to play the game, but ofc as usual i miss somethings.

I have many suggestions but iam only gonna post the most important which should be added soon (in my mind)

1. Some kind of Teleportation device (since this is in the future, that whould be a good thing). The reason behing a teleportation device is that, you
can easly find your way back to your home ETC, or ofc, use it for something else.

2. Add some kind of Skill tree, like (bad example) Diablo 2. Have different kinds of skills to add to for example, the weapon types.
Precision rifles
Heavy guns
Blasters (increase % or point vice Accuracy/damage/resist against)

Also maybe:

Balance (increase % or point vice, the "Balance". Like accuracy. But ofc this will add to all guns, but a much smaller amount then you get if you choose only one (or two) weapons)

As an example:
While adding 1 point to, say, Shotguns. Then you get 10% more accuracy. But by adding that 1 point to "Balance" you get 02% accuracy. Just an example ofc.

Maybe add somekind of Experience bar or anything? to keep track on how long its left until next level.

and not to forget about it, some way to store items etc (should be hard to get ofc, not something you just start with i mean)
Also you chould set the inventory to a much smaller size, with less spots for items. Instead people chould buy from vendors, Inventory expander.

Can most surely be even more that this, but i just wrote it down really quick.

Very good so far (the game), and i REALLY hope, you arent one of the guys that leaves the game, and never updating it.

(Yea, the faces is ugly atm, agree fully with Kleshar :)

Eventhough have a nice day ;)

double post ftw

Also a cool and simple thing to do (if possible) whould be to change the shape and apearence on "aliens" and humans.

When i talk about shape i mean like this kind of shape, but more "blocky".

Maybe iam just to "perfect" for this game or whatever, but i really think it whould be lovely to get a... Huger difference between the two different races.
I mean, they all look alike, exept the head is @ the stomach.
Colours and the shape difference is very hard to see when in live action if you catch my deal ;P Iam not telling you to do this, but i am just coming with examples and ideas.

Love your work, gonna play tonight! :de: :D

Phr00t Feb 4 2012, 8:54am Anchor

Hey Kleshar,

Yeah, once I get some better faces, I can put them in. I'm working on some other things now, like dedicated servers -- so if you want to see some better faces sooner, would you mind finding me some, or something you think would fit?

Hey Freddy705,

I would prefer if you started a new thread ;) 

1) There are currently a few teleporting options in v2.6b. You can construct a "home" block, and use /home in the console to teleport to it. Also, you can use /goto to teleport near a location within your level. I do plan on adding a "translocator" device like in Unreal Tournament (shoot a bouncing projectile then teleport to it).

2) This is an interesting idea, but I'm not really a fan of picking skills to improve upon as you level. I'd rather you gain skills as you use them -- it just feels more natural. Same goes with the "experience bar". My game's level system doesn't work like many other games, as you don't level by getting "experience points". You are as strong as the equipment and skills you have -- your level is just a representation on how far in the game you have gotten based on a few factors.

3) That Doom screenshot of an imp works much differently than 3079's characters. That imp looks "blocky" because it is a flat sprite that has become pixelated since you are standing so close to it. It isn't a 3D model, like my guys, but instead a collection of 2D images. I can't really go the sprite route, because it'd take forever to generate all of the images needed, and calculating head shots vs. leg shots would be far more difficult.

Thanks for the suggestions and I'm glad you are enjoying my game. I do plan on improving the things you touched on!

Kleshar Feb 4 2012, 2:04pm Anchor

Hey Phr00t!

Wow dedicated servers! That's fantastic!

I'm not a graphic artist and i don't know how to paint something LOL...  but like I said before the textures of the old faces look nicer than the new ones: I know that you can't replace the 3D model of the NPCs but It would be cool if you could just be able to replace the face textures, for now.
If you don't want to swap the face textures with the old ones, here there are some examples for the future, hope I can help:

User Posted Image 

User Posted Image

User Posted Image  (I repeat: I don't like Minecraft but there are some good elements, like these monsters' faces which are very simple but well done)

Let me know if you like them!

Waiting for your message,

Edited by: Kleshar

Phr00t Feb 4 2012, 2:55pm Anchor

Well god dammit that is a freaky ass picture! :O

The Minecraft creatures, and the old faces, are too low-resolution for 3079's new look and textures. :S Those pictures you got are scary as hell, but I'll need textures like the Minecraft face before I can actually use them. Here is an example of a texture sheet I use now:


This is what would need to be replaced -- we can throw any kind of face in there, but it has to be a flat, forward-facing texture.

Kleshar Feb 4 2012, 4:26pm Anchor

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Black eyes...like aliens: What do you think (: ? Do you like them?
I think the first one can be swapped with this:

User Posted Image 

the second could be perfectly swapped with the constipated men

I found the first one on a website which is about the sims 2 mods, i think...
the second one random googling

let me know Phr00t ^_^!

Edited by: Kleshar

Phr00t Feb 4 2012, 4:58pm Anchor

Yup, those are the texture formats I need. CREEPY pictures, though! No eyes! :O

They will have to be shrunk a bit, I think the first one will work the best. Thanks man! If you come across any more, post away!

Kleshar Feb 4 2012, 7:25pm Anchor

So are you going to use those 2 face textures in the game ^^? I'm very happy that i could help you with the project in some way! Thank you for hearing my suggestions (:
I'll post here other faces when I'll find them ^^


Phr00t Feb 4 2012, 7:41pm Anchor

I think I will use the first one -- I don't think the second one will work very good, it doesn't have enough distinctive "features" other than the holes for the eyes and mouth :S

Kleshar Feb 4 2012, 7:44pm Anchor

Fantastic! So you'll swap the first one with...which one of them?

Phr00t Feb 4 2012, 8:16pm Anchor

Probably start with the constipated one, if that is the ugliest :P

Chronos.v2 Feb 5 2012, 12:55am Anchor

I personally don't mind the faces myself. Sure they're a bit creepy, but I find they work well for the setting. I guess to each their own though.

Blazingfist Feb 5 2012, 2:10am Anchor

the faces are okay i think, i dont notice em until i look through my scope ;) it would be kinda cool if the face could change depending on if they were your ally/enemy or how their health was. it would add a depth of immersion i would think

Kleshar Feb 5 2012, 7:22am Anchor

You're right Chronos! Everyone has his own tastes ^_^
Only problem is that I don't find creepy something like this:

User Posted Image

because is something like this User Posted Image

or this User Posted Image

Even though, I respect your opinion (:
(I'll send you later other face textures Phr00t!)


Edited by: Kleshar

Swawa3D Feb 5 2012, 11:09pm Anchor

I really like the faces just as they are now. Yes they are ugly and creepy and one of them looks constipated but I love that. I feel like they really work with the alien feel of the game and give the game an identity, they are very memorable. Everyone is going to have an opinion. I think it would be best if Ph00t decides on the look and feel he wants for the game and then make a final texture pack ASAP (could be as it is now). Then add easy support for texture pack replacement so people can make them, share them and swap them back and forth easily. This way everyone wins. If you keep changing the graphics I think it will hurt the identity of the game, although I know the game is not fully released yet. Also it is really easy to modify textures / swap packs now but something a little more user friendly might be better for the every day gamer.

Also I'm not sure if people are just grabbing images that other artists made without their permission and without changing them drastically? If that is the case and you use them for the default graphics in the game you could run into legal issues. It should be a lot safer if they are optional user made texture packs.

Edited by: Swawa3D

Phr00t Feb 6 2012, 8:44am Anchor

You make some very good points, Urcheon. I could use Kleshar's face, but then someone else will come and say "hey, I don't like that new face!"... best way to go is to support external texture packs. That way everyone can have the faces they want, and I'm not susceptible to copyright infringement claims on random sources of artwork. Urcheon is also right that people can use custom texture packs now by replacing the images inside the JAR, but an interface in the game to replace packs would be nice. I'll put custom texture packs on the "to-do" list and skip putting this face in, for now.

Swawa3D Feb 6 2012, 11:05am Anchor

Thanks.  The other thing is those images may look cool but are higher resolution & more detailed, I don't think they match the rest of the graphics at all unless an entire new set was made, so texture packs makes sense for many reasons.  Also it would be cool if there were maybe a couple more faces added for variety if thats not too much trouble.  Maybe some female characters would be cool too to mix things up.  

Here is a real quick edit I did just to show how the face would look in game and so if Kleshar wants to replace the constipated man he can.  To edit an image in the game you just follow these steps.  You will need basic understanding of working with files, zip archives, image editing, etc.

1. navigate to your 3079 lib directory, example: C:\Program Files\Desura\Common\3079\lib
2. make a backup of the original file assets.jar & keep it untouched in case you need to revert back.
3. rename the current assets.jar to assets.zip.  
4. navigate the zip file to find the image you want to replace.
5. edit the image and then save it in the same size and format
6. repackage the zip file with your new file and rename it back to assets.jar and your done.

Edited by: Swawa3D

Phr00t Feb 6 2012, 11:18am Anchor

Poor woman just got shot in the chest! :-)

The face does look a little too realistic, compared to the other default faces :S I would like to add some more faces, just need to find some more textures that fit.

Swawa3D Feb 6 2012, 11:56am Anchor

I don't know if the guy that did the new textures wants to make some more?  Otherwise, I happen to have some experience with game texturing & would not mind taking a shot at making some new faces (original art) that really fits in with the current look.  And of course even if you don't use it I would not be offended & could mod it in for myself :-).

I also noticed that some faces are 128 and others 256.  I think 256 looks better and was not sure why they were inconsistant?  It's nice that the engine seems flexible to handle different texture sizes.

Phr00t Feb 6 2012, 12:25pm Anchor

Hey Urcheon,

I'd love to see some new textures -- I can add them relatively easily :-)

My original faces were 128, but Deon, who made my textures, made some 256 ones. That is why there is a mix -- you can use either one!

Thanks man,
- Jeremy

Swawa3D Feb 6 2012, 4:51pm Anchor

Cool I will send something in a bit.

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