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Construct 2 is an exciting new program that lets you make games no programming knowledge required!

Bundled with over 120 sound effects, loads of original music tracks, ambient atmospheric sounds and sprite packs so you can be making amazing games in minutes!

Construct 2's event editor makes building and creating games visual and easy for beginners and advanced users alike.

Want to try it out before buying first? There is a completely free version available so everyone can make games!

Why not try out some online demos to see the true power of Construct 2? All games are HTML5 - which means they will work on loads of different devices (including your browser of course!)

Construct 2 can make platform games, puzzle games, space games, your imagination is the only limit!

10 7Soul

The best game-making tool I've ever used. The community is great and really helpful.

jimmy_trouser says
10 jimmy_trouser

Brilliant piece of software, really simple to use and also really fun. Everything is where you would expect it to be. It really is the only program you need!

UlpoMedia says
10 UlpoMedia

Excelent... fast and intituive!!!

SirAlfreed says
9 SirAlfreed

Great engine- great features, easy to port game to appstores.

Rmas says
10 Rmas

One of the best and easy programs to make good games! It's really nice!

cobacel says
10 cobacel

Very flexible ! I'd say it outmatches Game Maker , TOTALLY !

mubbletub says
10 mubbletub

Have tried a number of these programs in the past, including the original Constructor. Overall this is the best one I've used to date..

passwh says
10 passwh

working on my game right now, loving contsruct

N1ck22 says
8 N1ck22

Nice but i don't like cartoons style.

ZenGeek says
9 ZenGeek

I've been using Construct since it's earlier versions, and i haven't seen anything better since. It's productivity, intuitiveness and flexibility are it's strong points. It just works.

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